How to deal with a bear market? 4 hints

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If the stock markets fall by more than 20% from their highs, then there is a bear market. In the stock markets, investor sentiment is not exactly the best. As an investor, how should you deal with such a bear market? A few tips.

1. Avoid the winners of the last cycle

At the beginning of March 2020, we had to deal with the corona crisis, which turned the world upside down. Stock markets around the world collapsed, only to start a strong recovery not long after. In particular, the prices of companies that benefited from the crisis shot up. Think of pharmaceutical companies, but also home delivery companies and postal companies. For example, the PostNL share price has more than quadrupled in about a year’s time, from €1.04 to €4.82.

But now that the world is trying to put the corona crisis behind it, the prices of these companies are falling sharply. After all, the heyday is over, or so investors reason. 

And with that comes an end to a cycle that has lasted about two years. The situation now is very different from then: we go out more often, but we are also facing new problems, including high inflation and a shortage of personnel.

The advice is therefore: despite the recent price beating, do not invest in the winners of the last cycle. Instead, look for opportunities in lower-valued companies that generate strong cash flow, advises Capital Group’s portfolio manager Lisa Thompson. She sees telecom companies in Europe, Mexico and Japan in particular as promising.

2. Separate the wheat from the chaff

For years the money sloshed against the plinths. Central banks continued to print money and inflation was low. That is different now: central banks worldwide are raising interest rates to curb the sharp rise in inflation.

Consumers are becoming more cautious. Nextdoor stocks ipo is found online.Realtors are already reporting decreased interest in the housing market. Life is becoming more expensive and that brings with it the necessary changes. Consumers are less likely to buy a new, expensive telephone or to refrain from air travel. In short, there is a lot of uncertainty. And that is what investors are not waiting for. They want stability.

“You can no longer buy and hold on to the fastest growers without looking at the profit. That is why we are now seeing a renewed focus on fundamentals,” said Don O’Neal, also a portfolio manager at Capital Group. He expects stocks with continued good fundamentals to hold up better. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s time to only hold the investments with your highest conviction. So separate the wheat from the chaff.”

3. Choose dominant companies

As an investor, you can use some certainty in an uncertain period. Asset manager Jody Jonsson therefore advises investing in dominant companies that generate solid cash flow, have a strong competitive position and can finance their own growth.

So don’t take too much risk with young companies with promising prospects. It remains to be seen whether such companies can live up to expectations. And during periods of investor skepticism, these stocks typically don’t perform as well. With interest rates currently rising, these companies are also paying much more for the debt they raise to finance future growth.

“So I look for companies with reasonable, understandable valuations based on short-term earnings and cash flows,” says Jonsson. As an example, he cites suppliers of aids in the healthcare sector, or non-banking financial companies, such as insurers and stock exchange operators.

4. Grab the opportunities

Stock markets go through a crisis every so often. “The market invariably fluctuates between excessive enthusiasm and extreme pessimism,” said asset manager Steve Watson.

“An investor with a reasonable degree of objectivity can profit by selling during the excitement and buying during the pessimism. It is an approach that often hurts, but usually pays off in the early stages of market recovery, when pessimism gives way to optimism.”

So a bear market can also be an opportunity for an investor to pick up stocks at a lower valuation. “Provided he remains calm and patient, and focuses on the short term,” warns Watson.


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Collecting Die-Cast Cars: A Journey of Fun and Discovery

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Die-cast cars are miniature replicas of real vehicles, often made from metal or plastic. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from tiny collectibles to large model cars. They can be based on popular movie characters, classic race cars, or even your own car! No matter what kind of die-cast car you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone when it comes to collecting die-cast cars.

Popular Brands and Models

When it comes to die-cast cars, there are lots of popular brands and models available. Hot Wheels is one of the most well-known brands, with an extensive lineup that includes classic muscle cars like the ’68 Ford Mustang as well as movie characters like Lightning McQueen from Pixar’s Cars. Matchbox is another popular brand that produces realistic replicas of some of the most iconic vehicles from around the world. There are also brands like Maisto that produce high-quality die-cast cars at a more affordable price point.

Types of Die-Cast Cars

Die-cast cars come in a variety of sizes and styles. The smallest ones are usually 1/64 scale (about 2 inches long), while larger models can reach 1/18 scale (up to 12 inches long). Some models have pullback action so they can move forward on their own power; others feature light and sound effects that make them truly lifelike. If you’re looking for something special, there are also limited edition collector’s items that feature intricate details and unique designs.

Collecting Die-Cast Cars

Collecting die-cast cars is not only fun—it can also be an interesting journey into automotive history! Whether you’re interested in classic American muscle cars or Japanese sports cars, there’s sure to be something for everyone when it comes to collecting these miniature masterpieces. With so many different types and sizes available, you’ll never run out of new things to explore!

Collecting die-cast cars is a great way to add some fun and excitement to your life! Not only do these miniature replicas look great on display shelves or desks, but they also give collectors an opportunity to explore different types of vehicles—from classic American muscle cars to exotic European sports cars—in amazing detail. So if you’re looking for a fun hobby that will keep you entertained for hours, then collecting die-cast cars might just be the perfect fit!
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The Benefits of Using Filing Cabinets for File Organization

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If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the task of organizing your office files, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to find a system that works for them, but filing cabinets are a great solution for easily storing and accessing important documents in an organized manner. Let’s take a look at how filing cabinets can help make your office more efficient.

The Benefits of Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets offer many benefits when it comes to organizing office documents. The biggest advantage is the ability to quickly find what you’re looking for without having to search through an entire stack of papers or folders. By using folders and drawers, everything can be divided into categories so you don’t have to dig through piles to find what you need. This makes it easier to keep track of important documents as well as reduce clutter in the office.

Another benefit of filing cabinets is their portability; they can easily be moved from one room to another if needed. This is especially helpful if your office space changes over time or if you decide to downsize your workspace. You won’t have to worry about transferring all your documents from one desk or shelf to another – simply move the filing cabinet with all its contents intact! Additionally, most filing cabinets come with locks for added security, which means you don’t have to worry about confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

Finally, by using filing cabinets instead of other storage solutions such as hard drives or cloud storage, you won’t need access to a computer or internet connection in order to view your documents – they will always be accessible no matter where you go! Plus, since physical copies are kept on file, there is less risk of data loss due to hardware failure or viruses attacking digital systems.

Whether you’re running a small business out of your home or managing dozens of employees in an office building, investing in filing cabinets is a great way to stay organized and productive! Filing cabinets provide quick access to important documents while also protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access and data loss due to hardware failures or viruses. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder why so many offices rely on this tried-and-true organizational tool!
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The Magic of the Kitchen Sink

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The kitchen sink is an essential part of any home. It’s a place to prepare meals, clean dishes, and create memories with loved ones. But did you know that the right kitchen sink can also be a source of inspiration and creativity? Let’s explore why the kitchen sink is so important in our homes.

The Functionality of Your Kitchen Sink

When selecting a kitchen sink for your home, it’s important to consider your own needs and lifestyle. Think about how much space you have as well as how many people live in your household. Do you want a single bowl or double bowl? Do you need a large basin or something more compact? All these factors play an important role in selecting the right kitchen sink for your space.

The Aesthetics of Your Kitchen Sink

In addition to its functionality, the look and feel of your kitchen sink can make all the difference in terms of design and aesthetics. There are various materials to choose from such as stainless steel, porcelain, copper, soapstone, and granite—each one offering its own unique benefits. When paired with the right countertop material and cabinet color scheme, you can create a timeless look that will last for years to come.

The Inspiration Behind Your Kitchen Sink

Finally, don’t forget about the potential for inspiration when it comes to designing your kitchen sink! Whether it’s the shape or color scheme you choose for your sink or even just an accessory like a custom-made drain cover—you can use these elements to add some personality to your space while creating an inviting atmosphere for cooking meals together with friends and family. Remember that no matter which style you choose for your kitchen sink, it should reflect who you are!

Your kitchen sink is more than just a functional piece in your home—it’s also an opportunity to express yourself through design while creating lasting memories with those closest to you. With all the different options available today from materials to shapes and colors, there’s no limit when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen sink! So go ahead—find what inspires you most and make sure that when it comes time to pick out that perfect piece for your home–you truly make it yours!
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Upgrade Your Living Space with the Best Bookcases

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Are you looking to upgrade your living space with stylish, functional bookcases? If so, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best bookcases available on the market today. From built-in shelving units to wall-mounted shelves, we have something for everyone! Read on to find out more.

Built-In Shelf Units

Built-in shelf units are an excellent way to add storage and style to any room in your home. You can customize them with different colors, finishes, and materials to fit in perfectly with your existing décor. Plus, they provide plenty of space for books and other accessories without taking up too much floor space. There are even models that come with adjustable shelves so you can create a unique look that fits your needs perfectly.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

If you’re looking for a more modern and versatile approach to bookcases, wall-mounted shelves may be just what you need. These shelves come preassembled and are designed to attach directly onto the wall using either nails or screws. They come in numerous sizes and styles so you can find one that suits your tastes perfectly. Plus, they provide additional storage without taking up valuable floor space—making them perfect for smaller spaces like apartments or dorm rooms.

Freestanding Bookcases

If you prefer a more traditional approach to bookcases, freestanding models are the way to go. These pieces come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly. They also offer plenty of storage options for books, CDs, DVDs, magazines—you name it! As an added bonus, many freestanding bookcases are also easily transportable so you can move them from room to room as needed.

No matter what type of bookcase you’re looking for—built-in shelf units, wall-mounted shelves or freestanding models—there’s sure to be something out there that meets your needs perfectly. With these tips in mind, shopping for new bookcases should be easy peasy! So what are you waiting for? Start browsing today!
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Entdecken Sie den bequemen und erschwinglichen Lebensstil von Mobilheimen in Kroatien

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Kroatien ist ein wunderschönes Land mit einer langen Küstenlinie und zahlreichen Inseln, die es zu einem idealen Ziel für einen Strandurlaub machen. Mobilheime in Kroatien bieten eine erschwingliche und bequeme Möglichkeit, dieses atemberaubende Land und alles, was es zu bieten hat, zu erkunden.

Mobilheime sind eine beliebte Unterkunftsmöglichkeit für Touristen in Kroatien, da sie alle Annehmlichkeiten von zu Hause in einem kompakten und praktischen Paket bieten. Sie sind mit allen notwendigen Annehmlichkeiten wie Küche, Bad und Schlafräumen ausgestattet und eignen sich daher ideal für Familien oder Gruppen von Freunden, die gemeinsam reisen. Darüber hinaus befinden sich viele Wohnmobilparks in Kroatien in der Nähe beliebter touristischer Ziele, so dass die örtlichen Attraktionen und Aktivitäten leicht zu erreichen sind.

Einer der größten Vorteile eines Aufenthalts in einem Wohnmobil in Kroatien ist die Erschwinglichkeit. Im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Hotels bieten Mobilheime eine kostengünstige Möglichkeit, Ihren Urlaub zu genießen. Sie können Geld bei den Essensausgaben sparen, indem Sie Ihre eigenen Mahlzeiten in der Küche zubereiten, und viele Parks bieten kostenloses Wi-Fi, so dass keine teuren Datentarife erforderlich sind. Darüber hinaus bieten viele Wohnmobilparks Aktivitäten und Einrichtungen wie Schwimmbäder, Spielplätze und Sportplätze an, so dass es für Familien endlose Unterhaltungsmöglichkeiten gibt.

Ein weiterer großer Vorteil von Mobilheimen in Kroatien ist ihre Bequemlichkeit. Sie bieten ein Zuhause in der Ferne und sind der perfekte Ausgangspunkt für die Erkundung der Umgebung. Mobilheime befinden sich in der Regel in ruhigen und friedlichen Gegenden, abseits des städtischen Trubels, und bieten eine entspannte und ruhige Atmosphäre. Außerdem können Sie problemlos von einem Ort zum anderen ziehen und so verschiedene Teile des Landes kennenlernen, ohne dass Sie mühsam ein- und auspacken müssen.

Kroatien ist auch für seine atemberaubende natürliche Schönheit bekannt, und von den Mobilheimen aus sind die vielen Parks und Naturschutzgebiete des Landes leicht zu erreichen. Sie können Ihre Tage damit verbringen, die örtlichen Wälder zu erkunden, in den Bergen zu wandern oder einfach am Strand zu entspannen. Ob Sie nun auf der Suche nach Abenteuern sind oder einfach nur Ruhe und Entspannung suchen, Mobilheime in Kroatien bieten die perfekte Kombination aus Komfort und natürlicher Schönheit.

Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass Mobilheime in Kroatien eine erschwingliche, bequeme und komfortable Möglichkeit sind, Ihren Urlaub zu genießen. Mit ihren voll ausgestatteten Küchen, privaten Badezimmern und der ruhigen Lage sind sie der perfekte Ausgangspunkt, um all das zu erkunden, was dieses wunderschöne Land zu bieten hat. Egal, ob Sie eine Familie oder eine Gruppe von Freunden sind, Mobilheime in Kroatien bieten eine preisgünstige und unvergessliche Erfahrung, die Sie nie vergessen werden.

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Need some more warehouse space? Read this

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Unfortunately, sometimes warehouses lack enough space for certain things. This can be really disappointing because it is not much you can do about the lack of space. Or is there? Well, you are in the right place because, in this blog post, we will show you a few tips that you can try to optimize your space out of nothing. If you are experiencing this issue and your immediate thought was that you need to start planning to relocate to a bigger warehouse, you need to sit down and take a deep breath. Moving to a larger warehouse won’t be as easy as you might think.

Keep reading to figure out if you want to learn more about what you should try instead.

Get a mezzanine floor

A simple but slightly expensive solution to this problem is to get a mezzanine floor. Yes, it is quite the investment, however, it would be a lot more trouble and way more expensive if you decide to relocate to a new warehouse. Check out Nolte Mezzanine to check out the mezzanine floors they have. It basically is an extra floor you can install in a warehouse to get extra space. The best part is that if you decide you no longer need the extra space in your warehouse, you can just take the mezzanine floor down and put it away for the next time you need extra space. How cool!

Rearrange the stock

If you think of the classic game Tetris you might understand a bit more clearly what is meant here. Making sure every product in the warehouse is placed in its perfect place will maximize the space in your warehouse a lot more than if you just randomly put items wherever. If the things being stored have a fitting organization to them, you won’t believe how efficiently things around the warehouse will go, as well as the space you’ll save.

Clear up what isn’t needed

If there are products or items stored in the warehouse even though they are not needed or necessary, then you need to clear that up right away. That will just take up valuable space for things you actually should be storing.
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Urn Monument: Small memorial of a great loss

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Corten steel memorial

More and more people are choosing to be cremated after their death. Everyone has their own good reasons for this. But unlike in the past, when everyone was still buried, this also means that far fewer tombstones or tombstones are needed. Nevertheless, most surviving relatives still feel the need to commemorate their cremated deceased with a tangible memory. Special urn monuments are available for this purpose. urnenmonumenten 

These are available as standard, but special, personal and custom-made urn monuments are also possible. Some are so special that they can be called works of art. Funeral art is a special form of art that elevates a personal memorial to art. You can go to a grave artist for this. I tell more about it on this page.

Unique monument to a unique person

Everyone is unique in this world. You are unique, I am unique and your loved ones are unique. Everyone has characteristic and special properties that determine the uniqueness. After the death of a unique person, a unique memory is of course certainly in order. Even after a cremation, it is nice to be able to cherish a unique and personal memory in the form of a special urn and an urn monument.
grafkunstenaar Jeroen Stok

Custom urn monument

An urn is usually available through your funeral home. But it can also be made in the most diverse shapes, materials and styles. This personal approach is done by, among others, grave artist Jeroen Stok. Together with you, he designs a personal memorial for you that fits your deceased loved one or loved one. You can place that memorial or work of art on an urn grave or take it home to place in your garden or house. Because a personal urn monument says something about the deceased, your help is needed. This can be in the form of your stories about the loved one.

kunst in opdracht.

This article is brought to you by Memorabel Grafmonumenten en Grafkunst Jeroen Stok grave artist

This blog article is written by grave artist Jeroen Stok. Stok, who trained as a sculptor, mainly works with metal and glass. In addition to the exclusive funerary art, Stok creates “ordinary sculptures” of steel and stainless steel and produces art on commission. The metal sculptures that Stok makes are stylized and look contemporary with a light appearance. Stainless steel combined with glass reinforces the clear and light character of his work. Designing funerary art on behalf of relatives is an artistic activity that differs from the creation of ordinary art images. Stok recognizes the importance of funerary art and is grateful that the unique creations help the bereaved in their grieving process

Memorable Farewell Monuments 
Jeroen Stok 

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How to build a silent PC

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Building a silent, low-noise PC can be a challenging task, but it is well worth the effort if you want a computer that operates quietly and efficiently. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Pick the right case

Choose a case with good airflow and sound insulation. A well-ventilated case with plenty of airflow can help keep your components cool and reduce noise, because the fans inside can run at lower RPMs. Look for cases with sound-dampening materials, such as foam or rubber gaskets, to help reduce the amount of noise that escapes.

Another thing to consider is the location of your PC. Simply putting it under your desk can improve your comfort.

Select low-noise components

When shopping for components, pay attention to the noise ratings. Look for fans, power supplies, and other components that have low decibel ratings (dB), as these will generate less noise. Standard PC fans, for example, will produce around 35 dB of noise under maximum load. But there are silent RGB fans on the market that only produce 21 dB. These are much quieter. The effect will be even more noticable when you have four or five fans running at the same time. 

Use a SSD

Install a solid state drive (SSD) instead of a traditional hard drive. Hard drives have spinning disks that can generate noise, whereas SSDs have no moving parts and are much quieter. Another advantage of SSDs is that they are much faster and will last longer. So at the moment there isn’t really a reason to pick a hard drive for the main storage of your PC.

Install dust filters

Install dust filters to keep your components clean. Dust and debris can build up inside your PC case and block airflow, causing components to run hotter and louder. Make sure to clean your PC regularly to prevent this from happening.

Think of peripherals

When building a quiet PC, you mainly focus on the components that go inside the computer case. But peripherals also play a role. If you’re using a keyboard and mouse with loud clicks and switches, they can add to the overall noise level of your PC. Consider using a silent keyboard and mouse to reduce noise.

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How to get great exposure as a Twitch Streamer

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When you are a starting Twitch streamer it’s difficult to attract new viewers and subscriptions. It can feel like you are streaming for yourself, while nobody is watching. Well, there are ways to attract viewers and to get your stream more popular. In this blog we will give you some of the best ways to get great exposure as a Twitch Streamer, so read on!

Stand out in the crowd

There are a lot of other streamers on Twitch trying to increase their viewers. So, ask yourself the question: “What makes my stream special?/What makes my stream different than other streams?”. 

If you have a great sense of humour for example, use this! There is only one of you in the world, so you got to use your communication skills to build a fanbase. You can of course look at other streamers and learn from them. Try to find things you can use in your own video’s.

TikTok as an exposure tool

A big part of your potential audience are young people. Where do you find young people? Well, if they are not in class they are probably making or watching TikTok videos. You want to reach young people? Use TikTok! With a Twitch converter you can easily make a small snapshot of a funny or skillful moment of your stream and share it on TikTok to get great exposure. This will most likely lead to a bigger fanbase. 

Play with your subs

When you have some subs you should take time to play with them! This way you interact with your audience and get more exposure because it is very likely the sub you are playing with will share the experience with his friends (and maybe even on his/her social profiles). The friends of a sub are most likely to be a part of your target audience, which makes it even more relevant.

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Tips voor linkbuilding voor productiebedrijven

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Linkbuilding is een van de belangrijkste aspecten van SEO, maar het kan ook een van de meest ingewikkelde zijn. De sleutel tot een succesvolle linkbuilding strategie voor productiebedrijven is het vinden van de juiste kansen voor je bedrijf. Bedenk wat er uniek is aan je productiebedrijf en hoe je die kennis kunt gebruiken om links op te bouwen. Je moet ook een plan maken dat past bij je budget, tijdsdruk en andere interne factoren. Om aan je overwegingen tegemoet te komen, is contact opnemen met een online marketingbureau zoals Webton de slimste manier.

Vind de juiste linkbuilding strategie

Als je een productiebedrijf bent dan is de kans groot dat je bedrijf al goed ingeburgerd is in je markt. Dit betekent echter niet dat je op je lauweren kunt rusten en kunt stoppen met proberen te groeien. In feite betekent het precies het tegenovergestelde. Je moet hard blijven werken en nieuwe manieren vinden om potentiële klanten te bereiken. Iets dat alle bedrijven zouden moeten doen, is zich concentreren op het bouwen van links voor hun website. Links zijn een belangrijk onderdeel van elke contentmarketingstrategie. Het is omdat ze zoekmachines helpen bepalen welke informatie het meest relevant is voor gebruikers die online naar iets specifieks zoeken. Met behulp van een online marketingbureau als Webton kun je de juiste content en de juiste linkbuilding strategie laten formuleren.

Gebruik je kennis om de juiste links te vinden

Je kunt gebruiken wat je weet over je branche en bedrijf om potentiële links te vinden. Gebruik je kennis van de maakindustrie. Om links te vinden, moet je nadenken over wie in je vakgebied is geïnterviewd en op andere websites is vermeld. Zoek naar bloggers die de onderwerpen behandelen die voor je belangrijk zijn of schrijf over onderwerpen die verband houden met je bedrijf of producten. Zorg ervoor dat de inhoud van hoge kwaliteit en relevant is, en niet te promotioneel. Je kunt ook lijsten met influencers in veel sectoren bekijken met tools. Een andere manier om de juiste link te vinden, is door contact op te nemen met een online marketingbureau zoals Webton om je te helpen de juiste te vinden.

Krijg sociale betrokkenheid

Social media is een geweldige manier om in contact te komen met je klanten, concurrenten, leveranciers en influencers uit de branche. Kom in contact met je klanten door een Q&A op Facebook of Twitter te houden waar je hun vragen kunt beantwoorden over de producten en of diensten die je aanbiedt. Je kunt ook prijsvragen houden of hen om feedback vragen over nieuwe producten of diensten die in ontwikkeling zijn. Gebruik sociale mediaplatforms om in contact te komen met je concurrenten, zodat je kunt leren wat ze goed doen. Dit geeft inzicht in hoe zij hun marketing- en linkbuilding-inspanningen benaderen. 




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How to Extend the Life of Your Hard Drive

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Have you been wondering how to extend the life of your hard drive? It’s a common misconception that your computer’s hard drive will last as long as the computer itself. Although this is true for SSDs, it is not true for mechanical hard drives (HDDs). These often have an average lifespan of 3 to 5 years depending on usage and file management. However, if you handle your HDD with care, you can significantly extend its lifespan. The lifespan of mechanical hard drives depends on several factors, including workload, environmental conditions, and hardware maintenance.

Mentioned below are tips on how to extend the life of your mechanical hard drive and how to avoid common mistakes. Are you struggling with technical glitches? TickTockTech experts are technically skilled to facilitate you with the solutions. And if you are not satisfied with the PC repair in Mississauga in areas like L5H, L4W, L4Z, L5R, L5S, L4X, and L5M, you can cancel within the first 30 minutes of the scheduled services. 

Here are 4 ways to extend the life of your hard drive.

1. Always buy quality hard drives

The most important factor in increasing the life of a hard drive is its quality. Cheap discs fail more often than expensive ones because they are manufactured to a lower standard and because they are often made from lower-quality materials.

Hard drive manufacturers also use non-standardized techniques to test the strength of their products. As a result, one company’s 1TB drive may be rated for a certain number of hours before it fails – but another company’s 1TB drive may last much longer. The only way to know if a particular hard drive will last is to look at the manufacturer’s warranty and return policy.

You can also read several hard drive reviews, be sure to read reviews from average consumers and tech writers – who can dig deeper into the intricacies of the hardware. This will give you a great overview of the quality of the hard drive you are about to buy.

2. Handle hard drives with care

Hard drives are extremely sensitive to sudden shocks. You should never drop them and it’s best not to move them too much. Keep them on a clean, flat surface where they will not be exposed to vibrations or temperature fluctuations.

Although they are designed to resist damage from dust and water, do not leave them in high humidity areas or where they may be splashed with water or liquid. Most desktop hard drives don’t tend to move around very often, but some older laptops will be equipped with a mechanical drive. Laptops and portable hard drives are moved more often, so take extra care when transporting them. If you must carry a laptop or portable hard drive, always use a padded bag, case, or dedicated container. Make sure that the device fits well in the carrier so that it does not move too much during transport.

3. Keep hard drives in a healthy operating environment

Hard drives don’t like being anywhere near water, moisture, or humidity. They also don’t like to work if the ambient temperature is too high. Most computer components generate excessive heat, including hard drives. However, if you actively take steps to keep your hard drive cool, you will extend its life. There are steps you can take to prevent your hard drive from overheating, including:

  • Improve airflow in and around your computer in general
  • Reduce the ambient temperature of the room where your hard drive is stored
  • Turn off the hard drive when not in use
  • Regularly remove all dust from the outside of the hard drive cover, but never open it to clean the inside!

4. Manage hard disk space properly

Delete files you no longer use and keep only the data you need on your computer’s main hard drive. You don’t have to store everything in the same place; keep some files on external drives or cloud storage. Modern operating systems have built-in hard disk defragmentation. Fragmentation occurs when large files are split into smaller parts (fragmented). These small pieces are not always stored on the same physical segment or even on the same physical disk inside the hard disk enclosure. This results in slow loading.

You only need to defragment your drive when necessary – so use your operating system’s built-in tool to scan your drive and check for fragmented files regularly. TickTockTech provides you with the best online services to fix your tech needs. We value authenticity and transparency with guaranteed results, and our customers have reviewed us better than geek squad Mississauga.


As we have seen, many factors determine the lifespan of a hard drive. But the good news is that these factors are not that difficult to manage. Sure, there’s not much you can do about age and normal wear and tear, but everything else is under your control. By making a few simple changes to your storage habits, you can extend the life of your hard drive by an order of magnitude or more.

While no hard drive is immune to failure, there are several things you can do to extend the life of your hard drive.

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Whey isolaat voor het behoud van sterke spieren?

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Wat is whey isolaat?

Whey isolaat is een populair voedingssupplement dat vaak wordt gebruikt door atleten en bodybuilders om gezonde spieren te helpen bevorderen. Door de hoge concentratie eiwitten kunnen de spieren na een intensieve work-out weer optimaal herstellen. Hierdoor zijn de spieren in staat om sneller te groeien en behaalt een bodybuilder eerder zijn of haar doel.


Whey isolaat wordt gemaakt van melk en bevat een hoog gehalte aan eiwitten. Het bevat ook weinig koolhydraten en vet. Veel andere eiwitpoeders worden gemaakt van soja eiwitten, wat een eigenaardige smaak geeft. Voor wie geen fan is van deze specifieke smaak kan whey isolaat zeker een uitkomst bieden.

Geen toevoegingen

Er zijn veel verschillende merken van whey isolaat op de markt. Het product is ontzettend populair en wordt gebruikt bij verschillende producten. Het is belangrijk de etiketten goed te lezen om er zeker van te zijn dat u een kwaliteitsproduct koopt. U wil het liefst een whey isolaat kopen zonder toevoegingen. Zo krijgt u enkel de gewenste eiwitten binnen en geen chemische ingrediënten, zoals bijvoorbeeld bindmiddelen of smaakstoffen. Deze toevoegingen hebben geen effect op uw spieropbouw en ook niet voor de houdbaarheid. Doordat veel verpakkingen goed hersluitbaar zijn, is whey isolaat lang houdbaar. 

Toepassingen whey isolaat

Whey isolaat kan in poedervorm worden ingenomen, of het kan worden toegevoegd aan shakes en smoothies. Het kan ook worden gebruikt bij het bakken of koken. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan recepten zoals whey-eiwit pannenkoeken of whey-eiwit koekjes. Voor mensen met een drukke planning is dit een ideale manier om voldoende eiwitten binnen te krijgen. U kunt de koekjes namelijk van te voren klaarmaken en invriezen, waardoor u altijd een gezonde en voedzame snack bij de hand heeft.


Doordat het product weinig koolhydraten en vet bevat, past dit ook perfect binnen een voedingspatroon waarbij u bezig bent met afvallen. Bent u hierbij ook aan het sporten? Dan is een whey proteïne smoothie de perfecte manier om uw spieren te ondersteunen.
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Kärcher Zubehör für Ihre elektrischen Geräte

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Wenn es um Elektrogeräte geht, ist Kärcher ein Name, dem Sie vertrauen können. Mit über 75 Jahren Erfahrung in der Branche hat sich Kärcher einen guten Ruf für Qualität und Langlebigkeit erworben. Kärcher bietet eine große Auswahl an Zubehör für seine Produkte, sodass Sie sicher sein können, das perfekte Zubehör für Ihre Bedürfnisse zu finden. Das Zubehör von Kärcher wurde entwickelt, um die Leistung Ihrer Elektrogeräte zu verbessern und deren Lebensdauer zu verlängern. Ob Sie einen neuen Bürstenkopf für Ihren Staubsauger oder ein Ersatzteil für Ihre Kaffeemaschine benötigen, das Kärcher Zubehör ist vielfältig. Lesen Sie hier mehr darüber. 

Netzkabel und Steckdosen

Kärcher ist ein führender Hersteller von Elektrozubehör. Das Unternehmen produziert eine breite Palette von Produkten, darunter Netzkabel, Überspannungsschutz und Steckdosen. Kärcher bietet auch eine Vielzahl von elektrischen Adaptern und Konvertern an. Die Netzkabel sind in verschiedenen Längen und Stärken erhältlich. Die Überspannungsschutzgeräte des Unternehmens bieten Schutz vor Überspannungen und Spannungsspitzen. Die Steckdosenprodukte von Kärcher bieten schließlich eine sichere und zuverlässige Stromversorgung für Ihre Geräte. 


Daneben gibt es etliches Zubehör für den Fernseher, um das Fernseherlebnis zu erweitern. Das Fernseher-Zubehörsortiment umfasst beispielsweise Wandhalterungen, Fernbedienungen, ein LED-Hintergrundbeleuchtungsset, HDMI-Kabel und Antennen. Dieses Zubehör ist so konzipiert, dass Sie Ihren Kärcher Fernseher noch angenehmer und bequemer benutzen können. Mit den Fernbedienungshaltern können Sie beispielsweise Ihre Fernbedienung in Reichweite halten, während Sie fernsehen. Der TV-Ständer sorgt dafür, dass Ihr Fernseher an seinem Platz bleibt und nicht wackelt, während das LED-Hintergrundbeleuchtungsset das Ablesen des Bildschirms bei schlechten Lichtverhältnissen erleichtert. 


Dampfreiniger sind eine großartige Möglichkeit, Ihr Zuhause ohne den Einsatz von Chemikalien zu reinigen. Sie verwenden heißes Wasser und Dampf, um Oberflächen zu reinigen und Schmutz und Dreck zu entfernen. Die Dampfreiniger von Kärcher gehören zu den besten auf dem Markt, und das Unternehmen bietet eine Vielzahl von Zubehör an, um die Reinigung noch einfacher zu machen. Dank der verschiedenen Aufsätze können Sie das Reinigungserlebnis ganz auf Ihre Bedürfnisse abstimmen. 


Wenn es ums Schleifen geht, ist die Auswahl an Kärcher-Schleifmaschinen unübertroffen. Sie bieten eine Vielzahl verschiedener Modelle für jede Anwendung, von kleinen handgeführten Geräten bis hin zu großen Maschinen für die Industrie. Egal, was Sie schleifen möchten, Sie werden mit den Schleifmaschinen von Kärcher die perfekte Lösung finden! 


Kärcher bietet auch ein breites Sortiment an anderen Elektrogeräten wie Staubsaugern und Bodenpflegeprodukten. Ob Sie Ihre Böden saugen oder Ihre Teppiche reinigen wollen, von der Marke Kärcher gibt es nicht nur die richtigen Geräte, sondern ebenfalls passendes Zubehör. Die Geräte werden von ihrer Langlebigkeit geprägt und können mit dem passenden Zubehör und mit Ersatzteilen sogar noch länger gut bleiben. Mit Kärcher setzen Sie somit auf Qualität!
June 10, 2022 |

Don’t want to buy IP address space? Lease IPv4 instead!

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Experts in networking, as well as business, had some very intriguing questions about the most pleasing way of utilizing their existing IP addresses when IP version 4 was introduced. Their biggest worry was not about issues with migration between Internet Protocol networks such as the issues between Wifi and cell phones. The worry lies more with how the IP packets will move between different networks safely. So basically the question is, why would we lease IPv4 addresses? The primary purpose many business owners share as the reason to lease IPv4 addresses is to preserve funds that would have been spent on buying expensive hardware and software in addition to procuring an IP network infrastructure which also will be expensive.

A substitute for purchasing IP address space

Lots of businesses wanted to find substitutes for purchasing IP addresses. An example of one of the substitutes would be IPv6 addressing, which gives users a less expensive alternative to buying IP address blocks. This concept helps lessen the need for bigger businesses to purchase big fragments of IP addresses to reach their needs.

Larger companies straight up refused to sell their IP addresses for years in the open market, all due to the high costs that are involved. Some of the resistance to selling their IP addresses came from the thoughts that there would not be enough supply in the massive marketplace to meet the needs of the users and make them happy. Furthermore, some people have insisted that the growth of the number of users, in the long run, cannot be made certain. Another matter of concern is the impossibility to guarantee that all of the expenses connected to delivering services that are associated with IP address block usage can remain at their current levels. The concerns stated all have to do with the essential nature of the internet as well as the primal need for reliability to meet the demands of the global marketplace.


 Reasons to lease IPv4 address blocks

One of the many benefits of leasing IPv4 addresses is not having to go through the whole annoying and long process of transferring the ownership. By leasing, you can gain access to the address blocks after 24 hours. Leasing is also a lot more efficient in terms of cost when you decide to make the switch to IPv6. You also won’t need to worry about selling the IPv4 address block when you switch, all you’ll need to do is end the contract.
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To use or not to use sedative goods?

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In order to know whether or not you would like to use sedative goods, it is first important to know what actually falls under sedative goods. Alcohol, tobacco and coffee, for example, are not listed in the Opium Act. For the law, these products are therefore not sedative goods. But according to the naming they actually fall under sedative goods. Sedative goods is a collective name for medicines or stimulants with a so-called drug effect. These products can therefore lead to an addiction.

Sedative substances are addictive substances and yes actually smoking a cigarette also falls under drug use. Almost everyone has smoked a cigarette at some point. The first cigarette was often not the tastiest cigarette.

Get experience with the XMAX Starry

It is very common that you want to gain experiences, especially during puberty. In addition, the use of certain sedative goods is very tempting for some people. It is not without reason that people start smoking at that time. Vaping with an XMAX Starry can seem very appealing. It’s just a shame that your search for experiences leads to a nasty addiction. You can solve this by not using that XMAX Starry 3.0 with addictive substances. By vaping with the XMAX Starry 3.0 without those addictive substances you have an experience without the addiction.

Other options

The bad thing about sedative goods is that it can seriously affect your life and you can no longer control it yourself. The biggest pitfall is: ‘yes, but I can do that’. This is what people say who themselves do not realize that they are addicted or people who have never been addicted. It is not easy to stop an addiction. What can you do? Opting for ‘healthy addictions’. Consider, for example, the addiction that runners can experience if they run regularly. The body then just wants to walk again. You can also opt for safer addictions. Compared to, for example, cocaine, coffee is a lot more harmless.

In conclusion? Choose the least harmful version for better experiences. Tip? Running is also good for your fitness.
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The future of traffic management: what does it hold?

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Nowadays, technology is entrenched in everything we do. From basic domestic activities to complex procedures that have an impact on the planet as a whole. The way we get around is no different, with various tech-based solutions having been implemented in order to make the process more efficient. In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the key technologies that are being used in traffic management today, and what the future may hold for them.

Smart Parking Sensors

Smart parking sensors detect the presence of vehicles in a parking space automatically. This data may be utilized to show drivers where free parking is or to enforce parking rules.

Smart parking sensors enable a real-time view of open spaces in a parking facility. This data may be sent to drivers via a mobile app or website, allowing them to locate an empty space swiftly and efficiently.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Cameras with automated number-plate recognition (ANPR) technology are used to read and record vehicle registration numbers automatically. This data may then be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as the enforcement of parking regulations, tracking vehicles for toll collection, or providing real-time information to police and other law enforcement agencies.

The ANPR system has two main components: a central computer and fixated cameras that scan for vehicle registration plates at all times. When a plate is read, the ANPR system records the time, date, and location of the reading in its database. This data may be viewed and utilized as needed.

Long Range RFID systems

Long-range RFID systems are used to automatically identify and track vehicles as they enter and exit a parking lot. This data may be utilized to improve traffic flow, minimize congestion, and enhance safety. Long-range RFID technology is increasingly being applied in places like gated communities, business parking lots and truck fleet depots.

The RFID system is based on the use of tags that are attached to vehicles. These tags emit a unique ID that can be tracked by a network of RFID readers. The data is then sent to a central database, where it may be accessed and used as desired.

The future has arrived

Technological innovation is being applied to a wide range of activities and procedures in our daily lives. These three cases show how technology may be used to automate traffic flows, making our everyday lives easier and safer. Tech-company is one of the industry leaders in traffic technologies. Their cutting-edge technologies are helping to create the future of traffic management.
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3 ways to make your test data GDPR compliant

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By now we all know that you can’t use production data (or a copy of it) for testing purposes. The GDPR states that personally identifiable information may not be used for secondary purposes such as marketing, training and testing. There is a chance that personal data will end up in the wrong hands or leaked out. But when you’re a software tester or quality engineer, you need (production-like) data for your tests, right? Because how else can you test your applications and make sure they will work properly in production? Fortunately there are three (easy) ways to make your test data GDPR compliant, so you can keep testing with high-quality data:

  1. Data masking
  2. Synthetic data generation
  3. Combination of techniques

Data masking

Data masking is the process of hiding privacy sensitive data that is stored in your database. The main goal is that personal information like names, addresses, IBAN, Social Security numbers, salaries et cetera is not traceable to a natural person anymore. But what makes information personal or privacy sensitive? A name in itself is not privacy sensitive, but the fact that the person with this name has a giant debt does. With the help of data masking tools you make sure that different pieces of personal information are not linked anymore. You can shuffle names, scramble text or numbers, set birthdays to the first day in the same month or year (so the birth year remains functional), use custom expressions, blank fields you don’t need for you tests and more. All these masking rules (which are combined in a masking template) help you make sure that your personal data is not privacy sensitive anymore.

Synthetic data generation

As an alternative to data masking you can choose to synthetically generate data for your test database. Synthetic data can be used as a masking technique or you can generate data from scratch if you don’t have any data in production yet (when you’re testing a brand new application for instance). Synthetically generated data is also helpful when you have outliers or specific cases in your dataset. The highest salary, for example, can be easily assigned to a particular person (you probably have an idea which employee of your organization earns the most). By using synthetic data for these fields, you can rule out these cases of accidental recognition.

Combination of techniques

We probably don’t need to explain why using a combination of data masking and synthetic data generation is the best method. You get the best of both worlds. On the one hand your data (and the data structure) remains intact as much as possible, so that it remains close to production. On the other hand, you use all the advantages that synthetic data brings. 


Both data masking tools and synthetic data generation will help you with getting your test data GDPR compliant. The best way is using a combination of techniques to get both a compliant and a functional (high quality) test data set. With a good data masking tool you not only mask (or generate) your data, but you also generate an audit report with which you can demonstrate your masking efforts. A great document to hand over to the privacy authorities if they come check.

May 4, 2022 |

De twee meest voorkomende mobiele hoogwerkers van dit moment

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De twee meest voorkomende mobiele hoogwerkers van dit moment

Een hoogwerker is een algemene term voor alle machines die het toelaten om op een veilige manier te werken op grote hoogtes. Daarom zie je vaak dat hoogwerkers worden gebruikt in de bouw, de industrie en zelfs door de brandweer. Hoogwerkers beschikken over hydraulische armen die op één of meerdere locaties kan draaien, met aan het eind een bak. Hoogwerkers kunnen op verschillende manieren worden voorzien van aandrijving. Het komt het vaakst voor dat een hoogwerker wordt aangedreven door een diesel- of elektromotor met accu. Er zijn ook hoogwerkers die worden aangedreven door  gas of elektriciteit. In deze blog lees je over twee verschillende soorten hoogwerkers die er zijn.


Een autohoogwerker is een hoogwerker die op een voertuig is gemonteerd. Hoogwerkers die op auto’s of vrachtwagens zijn gemonteerd, zijn vooral handig voor continu werk op hoogte op veel locaties, bij het snoeien van bomen langs de weg, of bij het onderhoud van bovenleidingen of straatlantaarnpalen. Op vrachtwagens gemonteerde hoogwerkers kunnen worden gebruikt als schaarhoogwerkers, telescoophoogwerkers en knikarmhoogwerkers. Afhankelijk van het type kan ermee alleen recht boven het voertuig op hoogte gewerkt worden en/of kan ook gereikt worden.


Met een schaarhoogwerker heb je een hoogwerker die beschikt over een platform waarop personen kunnen staan wanneer ze omhoog worden gebracht naar de gewenste werkplek. Schaarliften kunnen reiken in verschillende hoogtes. Er zijn schaarliften die zeer hoog kunnen reiken, maar er zijn ook schaarliften dus slechts een klein stukje de lucht in kunnen. Het onderstel van een schaarhoogwerker kan voorzien zijn van wielen of rupsen om de machine te verplaatsen. Als de grond niet vlak genoeg is, zijn er ook schaarhoogwerkers met stempelpoten. Met deze poten kan de machine waterpas worden gezet zodat deze klaar is voor gebruik.


Heb jij een hoogwerker nodig maar wil je deze niet graag aanschaffen? Bij zijn ze expert op het gebied van verhuur van hoogwerkers. Ze beschikken over een ruim assortiment hoogwerkers waar jij uit kunt kiezen. Daarnaast kan je ook nog eens zelf bepalen hoe lang jij de hoogwerker wilt huren. Mocht je nog vragen hebben? Neem dan gerust contact met ze op. Hun specialisten weten alles over hoogwerkers en voorzien je graag van persoonlijk advies. Op deze manier huur jij zeker de juiste hoogwerker!
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The most delicious fruit baby snacks

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The most delicious fruit baby snacks

It is time to introduce your baby to the most delicious additional food and practise snacks! For about 6 months, your baby only has had milk so far and it contained all the important nutrients he needed. Now it also is time for other nutrients, and therefore time to make your own baby food. In this blog we will introduce the most delicious recipes for your little one.


Cucumber, banana and avocado puree

This delicious puree consisting of cucumber, banana and avocado will be ready in no time. You have to cut the avocado in half, remove the pit and scoop the edible avocado out of the shell. Peel about 10 centimetres of the cucumber and cut this piece into little other pieces. The same accounts for the banana, use about half of the banana. Combine all ingredients in the blender and make the puree. Your baby will love this recipe. You can give it as a fruit snack, but it is also a very delicious bread spread. 


Mango, apple and banana

For this recipe you will need 1 mango, 1 apple and 1 banana. Start by cutting the mango in 2 and remove the pit and the peel. Remove the peel of the banana and apple as well. The apple needs some additional cutting, since you need to remove the core. Cut the fruits in smaller pieces and combine them in the blender. Mash them until they are a smooth puree, or leave them into a coarser bite. This depends on the age and preference of your baby. Now the tasty snack is ready!


Apple, melon and plums

This combination already sounds very delicious, but it tastes just like that. Peel 2 to 4 plums and remove the pits. Cut the melon in half and peel the part you are going to use. Scoop the seeds from the heart with a spoon and cut the melon in smaller pieces. Peel the apple too, remove the core and cut the apple in pieces. Combine all the fruits in the blender and mash it into a nice puree. Also this recipe can be mashed into a fine or coarse bite, depending on your baby.


Searching for a good baby formula?

All these recipes sound and taste like heaven. However, in addition to the practise snacks your baby still needs other nutrition to grow and develop. For a good bottle feeding formula, you can take a look at HiPP Combiotik Baby Formula. HiPP offers a wide range of infant and hypoallergenic milk that are very nutritious for your little one.
March 31, 2022 |

De kenmerken van een PVC-vloer

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De kenmerken van een PVC-vloer

PVC-vloeren zijn er in allerlei soorten en maten te vinden. Het grote voordeel van dit prachtige materiaal is dat het voor elke ruimte geschikt is en het enorm lang meegaat. Als je op zoek bent naar PVC van de beste kwaliteit is Bebo Parket de ideale partner. Je profiteert van scherpe prijzen omdat de laminaatplanken in eigen beheer geproduceerd worden. Daarnaast ben je met PVC altijd een stuk voordeliger uit omdat het kunststof is. Je hoeft niet bang te zijn dat je interieur aan uitstraling verliest. De PVC-vloeren lijken namelijk net echt. De ontwikkelingen op het gebied van de druktechnologie zijn tegenwoordig zo goed, dat het materiaal nauwelijks meer te onderscheiden is.

Nog meer vloeren

Is PVC toch niet helemaal jouw ding? Dan heeft het assortiment van Bebo Parket nog vele andere vloeren te bieden. Zo vind je hier onder andere hoogwaardige houten vloeren maar ook een visgraat laminaat voor een luxe uitstraling. Wil jij ervoor zorgt dat het net lijkt of je echte tegels in huis hebt? Dan is een hoogglans laminaat uitermate geschikt. Kortom, binnen de webshop van Bebo Parket is van alles te vinden dat vast en zeker binnen jouw smaak valt. Check snel het online aanbod en kies een vloer die bij je past.

Schakel de hulp van een professional in

Wil je graag een PVC-vloer in huis, maar bent bang dat je niet de juiste skills in huis hebt om het professioneel te verleggen? Dan hebben wij gelukkig de ideale oplossing voor je gevonden. Je kunt gebruik maken van de handige service van Bebo Parket. De ervaren medewerkers kunnen jouw vloer zonder problemen verleggen, zodat het eindresultaat perfect wordt. Daardoor heb je uiteindelijk een vloer in huis waar je u tegen zegt.

Meer te weten komen?

Mocht je nog vragen hebben over de laminaat-legservice, de PVC-vloeren of één van de andere producten uit het uiteenlopende assortiment? Dan kun je altijd even contact opnemen met de deskundige klantenservice. Ook wanneer je meer over het bestel- en leveringsproces te weten wilt komen, schieten de medewerkers jou graag te hulp. Aarzel dus niet om contact op te nemen!
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Alles wat jij moet weten over een gaming pc bouwen

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Alles wat jij moet weten over een gaming pc bouwen

Wanneer je op zoek bent naar een gloednieuwe gaming pc kun je er natuurlijk voor kiezen om een kant-en-klaar exemplaar te kopen via een partij als Azerty bijvoorbeeld. De kans is echter groot dat geen enkele kant-en-klare gaming pc precies aan al jouw wensen, behoeften en eisen voldoet. In zo’n geval doe je er wellicht beter aan om zelf een gaming pc te bouwen. Wat je hiervoor nodig hebt, wat je absoluut niet moet doen, en wat de voordelen van zelf bouwen zijn, lees je allemaal in deze blog. Lees dus snel even verder!


Deze onderdelen heb je onder meer nodig

Voordat je kunt beginnen moet je allereerst alle benodigde onderdelen in huis hebben. Onderdelen die absoluut niet mogen ontbreken bij het bouwen van een gaming pc zijn: een videokaart (GPU), een processor (CPU), RAM geheugenbanken, een moederbord, en een HDD (harde schijf) en/of SSD (solid state disk). Ook de juiste voeding, enkele ventilatoren, een besturingssysteem en een wireless card zijn erg belangrijk. Tot slot heb je een pc behuizing nodig om alles in te kunnen bouwen en enkele schroevendraaiers. Schroef eens een oude pc open om te kijken hoe zoiets er van binnen uitziet. Of speur het internet af op zoek naar handige filmpjes, handleidingen en tips en trucs omtrent pc’s bouwen.


Let er op dat je hier niet de fout in gaat!

Voordat je de verschillende onderdelen aanschaft, is het van belang dat je goed nagaat of alle onderdelen wel compatible met elkaar zijn. Oftewel: kunnen alle onderdelen veilig op elkaar aangesloten worden? Wanneer onderdelen niet goed op elkaar zijn afgestemd ontstaat er brandgevaar. Behoorlijk link dus!


Zelf een gaming pc bouwen kent vele voordelen

Heb je alle moed en kennis verzameld om aan de slag te gaan? Dan zul je er al snel achter komen dat zelf een gaming pc bouwen vele voordelen kent. Zo ben je namelijk helemaal vrij om te bepalen hoe jouw ultieme gaming pc eruit ziet. Door verschillende onderdelen te mixen en te matchen kun je een unieke pc creëren die niemand anders ter wereld heeft. Zo kun je het net zo duur of goedkoop maken als je zelf wilt. Ook leuk om te weten: de onderdelen die jij in jouw pc bouwt zijn goedkoper dan wanneer je een kant-en-klare pc zou kopen met precies diezelfde onderdelen. Tel uit je winst!
March 1, 2022 |

Olivia & Kate Kortingscode: 25% Korting In Februari 2022

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Olivia & Kate Kortingscode: 25% Korting In Februari 2022

Table of ContentsOlivia & Kate Kortingscode – Yes: 40% Korting!Dameskleding Olivia & Kate Webshop Kortingscode 50% Korting In FebruariO&k Kortingscode ⇒ Krijg 50% Korting, Juni, Juli 2022Olivia En Kate Kortingscode » 85% Korting 2022Altijd Korting Bij Olivia En Kate + Speciale ActiesFijne Kortingscodes Voor Duurzame Kledingmerken – Olivia KateOlivia Kate Haarlem – Kleurrijke Kleding Met Vrolijke PrintsO&k Kortingscode – €20 Korting In Februari 2022Altijd Korting Bij Olivia En Kate + Speciale ActiesWannahaves Fashion kortingscode - €4,95 korting in februari 2022Kenza Moda kortingscode: €3,99 korting in 2022

Toch kun je het beste online shoppen, want daar kun je gebruik maken van een Urban Outfitters kortingscode. Op die manier scoor je je favo kleding, maar dan met een mooie afprijzing! Is dat even een win-win situatie, maar dan met dubbel zoveel voordeel aan jouw kant. Ka-tsjinggg! Voordelen van shoppen bij Urban Outfitters Er zijn meerdere voordelen waarom mensen met zoveel liefde bij Urban Outfitters scoren.

Zo krijg je als member een beloning als je een aankoop hebt gedaan in een van de winkels. Hoe het werkt? Je wordt gewoon lid en ontvangt beloningen als je iets koopt. Bijvoorbeeld in de vorm van unieke kortingen of extra’s. Vervolgens kun je die beloning weer inwisselen in de winkel of webshop.

Shop Dameskleding Online Bij Olivia & Kate – Gratis Verzending

Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief Kun je geen genoeg krijgen van alle Urban Outfitters inspiratie en mode? Dan kun je je inschrijven voor de nieuwsbrief. Op die manier blijf je altijd op de hoogte van het laatste modenieuws en welke collecties je op het moment kunt shoppen in de webshop en stores.

Die zijn simpelweg een lust voor het oog, evenals de collecties die in de winkels hangen en in de webshop prijken. Sale Je kunt ervan op aan dat je in de webshop van Urban Outfitters altijd wel iets leuks in de sale kunt scoren. Er zijn altijd producten afgeprijsd en leuke aanbiedingen om eindeloos doorheen te scrollen.

Outlet: Korting Op Topmerken • Olivia En Kate

Je kunt het altijd vinden in de sale. Is jouw product niet in de sale? Dan is het nooit een slecht idee om eventjes te wachten, want wellicht is die over een paar weken wel in de sale! Wacht alleen niet te lang, want Urban Outfitters is zo populair dat jij vast niet de enige bent die haar oog op dat toffe item heeft laten vallen.

Geeft niets, want dat kan natuurlijk gebeuren. Al helemaal wanneer je online shopt, want dan weet je nooit 100% zeker of een artikel exact aan je verwachtingen zal voldoen. Urban Outfitters begrijpt dat als geen ander, dus ze hebben een soepele retourpolicy. Maar wacht niet ál te lang met actie ondernemen, want je hebt bij Urban Outfitters 30 dagen om een bestelling te retourneren.

Olivia En Kate Najaar 2022 Online – Shop Tot 60% Korting

Je kunt er altijd voor kiezen om je bestelling terug te brengen in een van de winkels. Ook dit is gratis! Urban Outfitters kortingscode toepassen Je bent niet de enige die niet kan wachten om zijn Urban Outfitters kortingscode toe te passen in de webshop. Ga dus snel naar de website en kies welke items je graag wilt aanschaffen.

Zodra je dit hebt gedaan, verrekent de computer automatisch hoeveel korting je zult ontvangen. Het enige dat jij hoeft te doen is achterover leunen en genieten van je voordeel! Kun je toch niet helemaal vinden waar je het kunt invullen? Check dan de rode pijl hieronder voor een preciezere aanduiding.

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Jammer genoeg is er op dit moment geen actieve kortingscode die je kan gebruiken bij Omoda. Onze Omoda-Sale is wel volop aan de gang – golden armband. Neem daar eens een kijkje voor de beste kleding-en schoenenaanbiedingen. Bovendien profiteer je van gratis verzending vanaf EUR 50,-. Korting bij Omoda met Club Omoda Club Omoda is het unieke spaarsysteem van Omoda waarbij je kan sparen voor korting en extra Club-voordelen krijgt.

Zo heb je jouw bestelling ook nog dezelfde dag in huis als je voor 12:00 uur bestelt. Verder spaar je bij elke aankoop credits. Ook voor schrijven van een beoordeling en het abonneren op onze inspirerende nieuwsbrief ontvang je credits. En bij 500 credits ontvang je een shoptegoed ter waarde van EUR 10,00 die je kunt besteden in de online shop of in een van onze winkels aan de mooiste kleding, schoenen, tassen en accessoires.

Oliviakate · Women’s Designer Fashion – Officiele Shop Nederland

Jouw verjaardagskorting is tot 2 maanden na je verjaardag geldig. Dit zijn de meest gestelde vragen over de kortingen bij Omoda. Geeft Omoda ook studentenkorting? Helaas heeft Omoda geen speciale studentendeals en geeft Omoda geen studentenkorting. Hoe kan ik korting krijgen bij Omoda? In onze Sale-collectie vind je de leukste items voor een klein prijsje.

Word dus snel lid van Club Omoda en schrijf je in voor onze nieuwsbrief waarmee je ook meteen op de hoogte wordt gehouden van nieuwe acties. Hoeveel Omoda kortingscodes zijn er? Momenteel zijn er geen actieve Omoda-kortingscodes. Wat zijn de alternatieven voor de Omoda-kortingscodes? Je kan gratis lid worden van Club Omoda, ons unieke spaarsysteem waarbij je met elke aankoop spaart voor een mooie korting.

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Hoe verzilver ik mijn kortingscode? Bij het voorlaatste stapje in het bestelproces, onder betaling, vind je een vakje om je kortingscode in te wisselen. Je korting wordt dan meteen verrekend.

Jeans Centre is een winkelketen gespecialiseerd in de verkoop van spijkerbroeken en bijpassende kleding. Het bedrijf is in 1976 opgericht in Breda onder de naam Koko Blue. Inmiddels heeft Jeans Centre meer dan 100 fysieke winkels in heel Nederland – jeans split zijkant. In 2011 is de online shop van start gegaan. De meeste kwalitatieve jeans van de beste merken Zoals de naam al zegt is de specialiteit van Jeans Centre de spijkerbroek.

Shop Dameskleding Online Bij Olivia & Kate – Gratis Verzending

VILA kortingscode   20% korting in 2021   Promotiecode.nlHomestylingshop kortingscode: €2,50 korting in februari 2022

Je vindt onder andere jeans van Cars, Garcia en Wrangler bij Jeans Centre. De jeans zijn eenvoudig te selecteren op basis van fit, lengtemaat en breedtemaat. Op deze manier kun je eenvoudig de beste jeans selecteren die jou goed staan. Bij Jeans Centre vind je meer dan alleen spijkerbroeken Naast de grote spijkerbroeken zijn er tal van andere kledingstukken verkrijgbaar bij Jeans Centre. - Bespaar nu met onze kortingscodes en kortingenSale kinderkleding De leukste items uit de sale shop je hier Girlslabel

Er is een speciale online only collectie, net als een collectie met kleding in grotere maten. Daarnaast zijn er voortdurend sale artikelen in de aanbieding onder sale. Scoor vanaf nu al jouw outfits bij Jeans Centre Je kunt bij Jeans Centre dus eigenlijk terecht voor al je outfits. Of je nu op zoek bent naar een hippe blazer of een mooi zomerjurkje, ze hebben het allemaal.

Shop Dameskleding Online Bij Olivia & Kate – Gratis Verzending

Je kunt hier trouwens winkelen voor het hele gezin, want ze verkopen zowel dames, heren als kinderkleding. De perfecte fit voor iedereen Het fijne van deze winkel is dat ze voor iedereen wel de juiste spijkerbroek hebben. Dat is dan ook waar ze om bekend staan bij Jeans Centre. In de winkel kun je natuurlijk eindeloos passen, maar in de webshop kun je bekijken welke fit het beste bij jou past.

Voor JC friends is verzending en retour helemaal gratis en je hebt ook nog eens 100 dagen retourrecht! Jeans Centre korting, kortingscodes en aanbiedingen: 10% korting? 30% korting? 70% korting? Bekijk in ieder geval alvast de sale in de webshop zelf en vergeet daarnaast geen gebruik te maken van een Jeans Centre kortingscode! Zo koop je alles dubbel zo goedkoop als normaal.
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Why banning e-cigarettes is a mistake

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San Francisco has banned the sale of e-cigarettes. Physical stores have to stop selling, web shops elsewhere in the country are no longer allowed to deliver to addresses in the city. According to the reports, the main purpose of the measure is to prevent vaping from taking root and young people starting to smoke through vaping.

Encourage vaping

In England, an opposing policy has been followed for years: vaping is encouraged there by the government. After all, experience shows that people who have never smoked seldom try an e-cigarette. The thing is popular among people who were already used to smoking and want to get rid of it. Eliquid store Ecigmarketxl.comis cheap. In fact, vaping is the most effective approach to smoking cessation, the British National Health Service found after a large-scale study. It is twice as effective as nicotine gum, sprays or patches. 

Switching to e-cigarettes also offers major health benefits: according to the National Health Service, vaping is about 95 percent less harmful than smoking.

Smoking regularly

Among British young people, the use of the e-sig is not that bad. Long-term research among more than 200,000 young people showed that, fortunately, regular smoking has lost a lot of popularity among them anyway: the percentage of young smokers fell from 19 percent in 1998 to 5 percent in 2015. Furthermore, it is almost exclusively young people who have smoked before who regularly vape. . Only 0.2 percent of non-smoking young people under the age of 18 vape.

The British government therefore concludes that young people sometimes experiment with e-sigs, but that acceptance of the e-cigarette does not lead to more smoking, on the contrary: the number of smokers continues to fall steadily in all age groups. Vaping mainly acts as a tool to become an ex-smoker.

So why does San Francisco want to ban vaping anyway? Partly out of misplaced fear. Vaping fits the bad-to-worse theory: you would go from one relatively harmless addiction to increasingly worse forms at a rapid pace, almost as if smoking a joint every now and then is the prelude to a GHB or heroin addiction. However, nicotine itself is not that addictive (reason why nicotine patches and chewing gum can be freely available, without people persevering in their use en masse).

Combustion Process

When smoking, it is the combustion process of the tobacco that is harmful and addictive. In general, vapers are quite capable of lowering the nicotine content of their vaping liquid along the way and are considerably better off without their e-sig than smokers without their sapphire. Banning vaping is a misconception, based on the idea that the supply of non-alcoholic beer only leads to more alcoholism. It’s a shame: by putting fumes in the damn booth, we’re losing a great opportunity to get more people off smoking. The best e cigarettes store Ecigmarketxl.comis cheap. Meanwhile, tobacco sales continue – including in San Francisco.

January 26, 2022 |

Die Grundlagen, um einen Blumenstrauß zur Hochzeit zu verschenken

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Wenn Sie heutzutage daran denken, jemandem eine „Blume“ zu schenken, meinen Sie eigentlich einen Strauß mit verschiedenen Blumenarten. Jeder kennt den Blumenstrauß: Er kann in Farbe, Größe (wie viele Blumen) und Preis variieren. Wenn Sie einen Blumenstrauß zu etwas ganz Besonderem machen möchten, können Sie ihn in verschiedenen Blumengeschäften oft selbst zusammenstellen. Das macht den Strauß umso persönlicher! Lesen Sie hier, was Sie beachten müssen, wenn Sie die Blumen als Geschenk zur Hochzeit verschenken.


Den Blumenstrauß zusammenstellen

Obwohl wir Blumen in allen Farben, Düften und Größen haben, gehen die Meinungen noch auseinander, welche Blumenkombination wirklich die schönste ist. Natürlich ist es auch je nach Anlass unterschiedlich, wo die Blumen geschenkt werden. Welcher Blumenstrauß ist zum Beispiel der schönste für eine Hochzeit? Wir haben für Sie recherchiert.



Eine Hochzeit ist ein festliches Ereignis und daher ist es üblich, einen Blumenstrauß mitzunehmen. Der erste Schritt, den Sie bei der Auswahl eines Blumenstraußes für eine Hochzeit berücksichtigen sollten, ist, welches Farbthema Sie verwenden möchten. Eine Farbe, die für die Hochzeit immer sicher ist, ist Weiß oder Hellrosa. Für welche Farbe Sie sich danach auch entscheiden, diese beiden passen problemlos zu allem. Sie können also eine dieser beiden als Basis verwenden.


Sie können daneben eine Auswahl von Farben auswählen, die nahe beieinander liegen, z. B. Blau und Lila. Es ist immer schön, eine Kontrastfarbe zu verwenden, zum Beispiel Orange in Kombination mit Lila! Diese stehen sich schön gegenüber und erzeugen so eine lebendige Wirkung.


Welche Blumen?

Wenn Sie sich für bestimmte Farben entschieden haben, sollten Sie sich im nächsten Schritt entscheiden, welche Blumen Sie gerne verschenken möchten. Es gibt sie in allen Formen und Größen, also eine große Auswahl! Es könnten zum Beispiel schön sein, verschiedene Arten in den gleichen Farben zu verwenden. Für eine Hochzeit ist das passender als die gleiche Blumensorte in verschiedenen Farben.



Haben Sie einmal die Blumen ausgewählt, sollten Sie jetzt Dekorationen suchen, die Sie hinzufügen können. Vielleicht ein Holzstab mit Herz? Heutzutage sind lange Federn auch beliebt, um einen Strauß zu schmücken. Oder Sie entscheiden sich für kleine Zweige. Was immer zu einem Blumenstrauß gehört, sind grüne Blätter drumherum. Dies vervollständigt das Bouquet und verleiht ihm ein natürliches Aussehen.
January 5, 2022 |

Is it the end or the future for multi-touch attribution?

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Using customer journey mapping, you can clearly visualize your customers’ interactions with your brand. From this exercise, you’ll gain a better understanding of the activities your customers want to complete, ways to measure those activities, and what technology is needed to facilitate those activities. 

Incrementality is a percent you can find added to other marketing and advertising metrics. It’s a performance indicator that shows increased Return on Investment (ROI) from campaigns and traffic sources that was not achieved from the previous period. It’s used to measure the additional value of each marketing investment and displayed as a percentage.

These days, digital touchpoints are just as important as the physical ones. From your brand online to search engine results and more, come explore all the options you have to connect with customers wherever they are.

In order to accurately measure the ROI of your marketing, you need a marketer attribution system, which is a set of rules that determines the revenue from new customers to be attributed to each touchpoint of their customer journey.

Multi-touch attribution analysis is the process of reviewing and recording multi-touch marketing touchpoints and matching them to conversions. This provides a complete picture of how each touchpoint contributes to your bottom line. For example, you can see how many visitors from Facebook converted into customers, and then further determine the value of the ad spend you made on Facebook by examining their ROI. The net benefit of multi-touch attribution is that you get a better understanding of which channels and campaigns contribute to your bottom line. When you consider future marketing investments, you can allocate the budget more accurately to generate the most effective ROI and revenue lift. Predictable Revenue is an early leader in the multi-touch attribution space – specifically in Deep Link attribution, Deep Linking is using technology to follow each customer’s clickstream on the Internet and attribute sales to highly targeted ads or landing pages.
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Ihre Freundin mit Blumen überraschen

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Ihre Freundin mit Blumen überraschen

Möchten Sie Ihre Freundin spontan mit einem Strauß Blumen überraschen? Müssen Sie etwas wieder gut machen? Egal ob es ein spezieller Tag wie Geburtstag oder Jahrestag ist, oder ob Sie Ihrer Freundin einfach nur etwas Gutes tun möchten, Blumen sind immer eine gute Idee. Vor allem, wenn Sie unerwartet kommen, ist die Überraschung umso größer. Verschiedene online Shops bieten Blumenlieferungen direkt bis zur Haustür an, so wie Regionsflorist. Lesen Sie hier, was Sie bei der Bestellung und Lieferung beachten sollten, damit sich Ihre bessere Hälfte so richtig freut.


Die Qual der Wahl

Die richtigen Blumen zu wählen, ist nicht immer einfach. Noch dazu gibt es einige Dinge zu beachten, um sicherzustellen, dass die Blumen die richtige Wirkung erzielen. Möchten Sie gerne ausdrücken, wie sehr Sie Ihre Freundin lieben? Wählen Sie dann einen Strauß roter Rosen. Falls Sie noch nach Inspiration suchen, können Sie auch einmal nach Blumen für bestimmte Anlässe schauen. Die meisten Blumenläden bieten vorgefertigte Sträuße an. Regionsflorist bietet so zum Beispiel bestimmte Sträuße als Dankeschön oder zum Geburtstag an. Vorsichtig sollten Sie mit weißen Blumen sein, denn meistens werden diese zu Beerdigungen verschenkt. Wenn Sie die Lieblingsblumen Ihrer Freundin bereits kennen, können Sie mit diesen natürlich auch nichts falsch machen und sollten ihr diese schicken.


Ein kleines Extra zum Genießen 

Möchten Sie der Überraschung noch das gewisse Etwas verleihen? Dann fügen Sie dem Blumenstrauß noch eine Flasche Wein oder etwas Schokolade bei. Möchten Sie Ihrer Freundin gerne noch etwas sagen, haben aber keine Möglichkeit zeitnah vorbeizuschauen? Fügen Sie den Blumen eine Grußkarte bei mit ein paar lieben Worten für Ihren Schatz. Wer würde sich darüber nicht freuen?


Planen Sie Ihre Überraschung 

Sich in der Blumensendung zu verstecken und dann in der Wohnung Ihrer Freundin als Überraschung aus der Box springen ist bei den meisten Blumen-Lieferanten wie Regionsflorist zwar nicht möglich, das heißt aber nicht, dass es keine anderen Möglichkeiten gibt. Mit einem Blumen-Abo können Sie die Lieferung der Blumen genaustens verfolgen und ganz zufällig vor der Tür stehen. An welchem Tag planen Sie Ihre Überraschung?

December 8, 2021 |

You can improve your procurement process with these steps!

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The procurement process is extremely important for companies that have to purchase products or services. The better this process is set up, the better the whole of business processes can function. If there is a delay in the procurement process, you will notice this in the entire supply chain. When a product is not available in the purchasing process, dozens of end customers will notice this. If something goes wrong during the shipment or the settlement of the product, only one end customer will notice. As you can see, the purchasing process is one that has to be put together well. In this blog we will therefore tell you more about the possible improvements to the procurement process.

Procure to pay systems

With procure to pay systems, the entire procurement process can be mapped from a to b. This way you will quickly encounter any errors and bottlenecks in the organization. It is therefore advisable to use this system carefully. The better you implement this, the better the entire procure to pay process will run. For example, these systems can automatically order products when the stock approaches a certain level. In addition, the system is able to automatically purchase the products from the party that currently offers them the cheapest. This way you never pay too much for your stock and you also always have it at home on time.

Indirect procurement

Indirect procurement is a method of purchasing that has been gaining popularity rapidly in recent years. This is mainly due to the favorable cost structure of indirect procurement. In principle, the procurement process is outsourced to another party. Because they take the purchasing process off the hands of many parties, they can realize larger volume discounts at the supplier. Because the indirect procurement party realizes a volume discount, everyone at the bottom pays less. It may sound very unrealistic, but this way you can save money by adding an extra batch to the delivery process. It is important to outsource this to a party that is several times larger than yourself. Only these huge parties can achieve such a volume discount that it is interesting for everyone to participate.


November 29, 2021 |

Interieurs en decoraties

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‘The details are not details, they make the design.’ – Charles Eames. Als je je bezighoudt met woontrends en interieuraccessoires weet je precies wat daarmee bedoeld wordt. Jouw producten zorgen voor de finishing touch. Er is niets mooiers dan jouw assortiment in interieurs te zien hangen of staan. De lamp die jij maakte, die citymap of vaas. Het zijn díe details waardoor een huis aanvoelt als een thuis.


Ultieme vrijheid


Hoe speel je in op de steeds veranderende woontrends? Het is eeuwig zonde om teveel in te kopen of te produceren en met voorraad te blijven zitten. Een lasermachine helpt je daarbij. Omdat je daarmee heel makkelijk inspeelt op de vraag. Eén uniek stuk maken of juist een grote oplage? Die vrijheid heb je. Ook als het gaat om welke materialen je gebruikt. Je snijdt en graveert met een lasermachine de meest uiteenlopende materialen. Van hout tot kunststof en van textiel tot karton. En meer.


Prototypes maken


Jij bruist van de ideeën. Al twijfel je ook weleens over wat je bedacht hebt. Is de constructie van deze vaas robuust genoeg? Maak je die wanddecoratie van acrylaat of toch van hout? Met een lasermachine maak je heel gemakkelijk een prototype. En tweak je je ontwerp als het daardoor nog beter wordt. Daarmee heb je een totaaltraject te pakken. Van ontwerp tot uitvoering heb je het compleet in eigen hand.




Voor ieder interieur maak je zo maatwerk. Ga daarin een stapje verder door nog meer service te bieden. Want met een lasermachine is personaliseren kinderspel. Graveer je producten en geef ze extra meerwaarde mee! De naam van je klant, een quote, een modieus patroon. Of je eigen logo. Zo bouw je ook nog eens heel eenvoudig aan je eigen merkbekendheid. 


Wij denken mee


Wat wil jij creëren? Met een BRM-laser maak je het. Hoe kunnen wij je helpen? Bel +31 (0)544 350320 of mail We denken graag met je mee op zoek naar de beste oplossing.
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Different facts about cannabisseeds

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The popularity of hemp seeds is increasing with people getting more aware of the different types of benefits that can be derived from the intake of these seeds. These seeds are also known as “champagne” in France, England, and other parts of Europe because of their unique characteristic of being able to produce a highly concentrated and flavorful hashish smoke. The seeds themselves come from a specific species of cannabisplant. They are usually rich in cannabidiol, which is one of the chemical substances found in marijuana that has proven to be very beneficial to users.


It is very difficult to pinpoint the exact origins of these seeds, as they were initially cultivated centuries ago in different parts of the world. However, it has been shown that certain strains were originally cultivated in Asia, before moving on to Africa, Australia, South America, and North America. The most popular strain that is most popular today is the indica, which is popularly used in California, Canada, and other parts of the United States. There have also been studies conducted on some other varieties of this weed and have indicated that there are also others that are less well-known.

Different type of strains

The hashish seeds that are most popular are the indices, proving to be more popular than any other strains even now. Some popular hashish seeds are the Arabica, Bedelia, Bullmar, and the herds. All of these have very distinctive characteristics that make them very popular. In fact, some of these plants are so popular that they are even grown in commercial farms to produce products like beer. Although they all have very similar traits, there are also differences among them, such as their taste, smell, and even their appearance. Some of these strains are also being crossed with each other to further improve their producing capabilities, making them even more popular today.


There are many reasons why hashish seeds are popular nowadays. They offer a number of different advantages, including the fact that they are quite easy to grow and produce, and that they have been proven to be quite effective in helping people quit smoking. Some people even claim that having hashish seeds around them has helped them in weight loss. Whatever reason a person has for getting into growing this type of plant, they should know that they will enjoy the results of their efforts.

At 24high you can buy the highest quality feminized, autoflowering and CBD hashish seeds from all different type of brands. Everything you buy from them online is neatly and discreetly packaged and delivered. Interested? Take a look on their website!
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What you should know before buying your first sim racing wheel

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So, you want to bring your game racing to the next level and are diving into the world of sim racing? Congratulations, you’re make a wise decisions. We can guarantee you that won’t regret getting rid of your controller. A racing simulator will improve your driving skills and it is so much more fun! Buying a sim racing steering wheel is the first step and we will help you choose a wheel that’s right for you. 

Invest in high-quality
Did you already have a look at some sim racing webshops? You might have noticed that there are a lot sim racing steering wheels. Don’t buy the cheapest one out there, as you probably regret this decision later. High-quality makes a difference when it comes down to your sim racing experience and high-quality comes with a price. Remember: you pay what you get for. 

Force feedback
When you’re looking at the specifics of sim racing steering wheels you’ll have to look for ‘force feedback’. This simulates how a real steering wheel would act in a race. If a sim racing wheel doesn’t has force feedback it is nothing more than a fancy controller. 

Realistic feel
Realism is very important in the world of sim racing. Make sure you buy a sim racing wheel with a realistic feel. This will make the car easier to control and makes sim racing more exciting. The design and shape of the steering wheel rim is a personal preference. It will be helpful if you can try out a few different steering wheels before making a decision. Ask a friend of visit a sim racing store. Make sure you buy a sim racing wheel for the type of game you’ll most likely be playing. If you’re into F1 games it doesn’t make sense to invest in a GT style wheel.
October 5, 2021 |

Logistics and technology: how these two are changing

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Logistics have been around for centuries. Technology is still something that’s seen as new and futuristic. Even though technology has been around for quit some time now. If we look at the way logistics has been changing over the years because of the upcoming technology, there’s a lot we can say. Lets first look a bit at the history of logistics and how it has been evolving with each other. We’re curious to see! 

Human work in logistics 

We can all say that humans and logistics are changing very quickly. If we look at the 70s we can see a big difference to how technology played a roll. Technology has been evolving very quickly and we’re seeing this in all the automation possibilities of logistics. Today, we are able to monitor every step of every machine online. Humans don’t need to drive a machine the way we used to do. 

Automation in machines

Not only have we humans changed because of the involving in this world. The machines have been changing also. Our machines in the logistic world are getting smarter by each day. Look at breakbulk terminals for example. A normal bulk is nothing compared to this bulk. And it benefits us all! We are headed to an even more automatic world. In a few years a computer will be able to drive you from point A to point B or you can receive a package from some flying vehicle. 

Social media and logistics 

Social media is getting more powerful by each day. It can get scary at times but if we all use it for the right goods than nothing scary can happen. If we look at logistics and social media we are seeing some very nice things. Companies are able to communicate very easy and efficient with customers. For some urgent information or news we are able to communicate this within seconds. Also, with our employees it’s becoming easier to communicate. If something goes wrong we can let each other know in seconds. 

Not everybody agrees to a more automated world but we can all agree that it is nice that some machines are working by there selves now. A lot of humans have suffered in the past because of the danger of the machines. Now it is easier for us to focus on other things while the machines are doing their job.
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De beste stofzuiger kopen doe je zo

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en goede stofzuiger kopen is soms lastiger dan je wellicht zou verwachten. Je moet namelijk met een behoorlijk aantal zaken rekening houden. Om je op weg te helpen hebben wij 5 belangrijke zaken om rekening mee te houden voor jou op een rijtje gezet. Vraag jij wel eens af, welke stofzuiger kopen? Lees dan verder!

De soort vloer

De soort vloer of vloeren in jouw woning zijn van grote invloed op de ideale stofzuiger voor jou. Wanneer je een houten vloer hebt moet je erop letten dat deze geen strepen achterlaten. Heb je tapijt of veel vloerbedekking, dan is een stofzuiger met extra zuigkracht juist fijn. Er zijn ook combinatie modellen, die overal uit de voeten kunnen maar nergens in uitblinken. 

Heb je meerdere verdiepingen?

Dit is zoiets waar je waarschijnlijk niet snel aan denkt, maar wel belangrijk is. Het is namelijk belangrijk om een lichte en compacte stofzuiger te hebben als je meerdere verdiepingen hebt. Een snoerloze steelstofzuiger is dan vaak een goede optie.

Heb je huisdieren?

Of je wel of niet huisdieren hebt speelt ook een rol. Katten en honden bijvoorbeeld laten veel haren achter waardoor je stofzuiger meer moet werken. Een stofzuiger met meer zuigkracht, een goede filter en hulpstukken is in zo’n geval aan te raden. Een klassieke stofzuiger of een steelstofzuiger met extra zuigkracht is waarschijnlijk het beste.


Wanneer jij of een van je huisgenoten last heeft van astma of allergieën, is het belangrijk om een goede filter op je stofzuiger te hebben. Er wordt namelijk lucht weer uitgeblazen, en die moet dan wel zo schoon mogelijk zijn. Een HEPA filter werkt hierbij heel goed.

Denk aan de opslagruimte

Een stofzuiger moet je natuurlijk ook ergens laten. Misschien heb je heel veel ruimte en is het geen probleem, maar als je wat minder ruimte hebt of de stofzuiger niet in het zicht wil hebben is het wel iets om rekening mee te houden. Een klassieke stofzuiger bijvoorbeeld neemt behoorlijk wat ruimte in. Een steelstofzuiger zonder snoer is een hele goede optie wanneer je minder ruimte hebt.

Wil je nou weten welke stofzuigers nou goed zijn? Neem een kijkje op de website van Gereedschap Expert. Hier vind je nuttige informatie rondom de specificaties van diverse topkwaliteit stofzuigers.
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The top 3 most traditional food from the Netherlands

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If you are Dutch then you know that the Dutch people love their traditional food. If you have Dutch friends, or if you ever have visited the Netherlands, you have most likely tried some Dutch food or snacks yourself and now you are addicted to ‘stroopwafels’ or ‘kroketten’. In most countries you can’t order these products at your local grocery store. But do not worry! Dutch Expat Shop is the biggest online supermarket that delivers more then 27.000 Dutch and Belgium products to many countries abroad! In this blog we share the top 3 of the most popular Dutch food or snacks. Already hungry? Good! Keep on reading!


Kroket (or croquette which is the French name) is a breaded, deep-fried creamy snack filled with different kind of stuff. The Netherlands is among that select group of nations with a craving for these pop-in-your-mouth snacks, and Amsterdam is a fabulous place to try one. Of course, not all croquettes, or kroketten in Dutch, are created equal. The Dutch kroket is typically cylindrical in shape and filled with a meat ragout (most commonly using beef, beef broth, flour, butter or margarine, onions, herbs), and it epitomizes textural contrast: very crispy and crunchy on the outside, super soft and smooth inside, with chunks or strands of meat.


Hagelslag is the Dutch people’s answer to sprinkles. But don’t be fooled — these are a different kind of sprinkle then most people are used to. In North America sprinkles are primarily reserved for ice-cream and cakes and normally for the likes of children, but here in the Netherlands, it is apparently perfectly normal behaviour for someone to merrily sprinkle some fruit or chocolate flavoured sprinkles on their bread at mealtime. Now, hagelslag comes in many varieties; you can have chocolate hagelslag, fruit flavoured hagelslag or most perplexing of all – anise seed (licorice seed) hagelslag. The latter is reserved for celebrating the birth of a baby and is fondly referred to as Muisjes (“mice”). Take a Dutch beschuit (a twice baked piece of round toast), slap on some butter and adorn with either pink (for a girl) or blue (for a boy) anise hagelslag and serve to guests visiting the new baby.


Oliebollen are a traditional Dutch delicacy eaten during winter. Oliebollen, literally translated as ‘Oil Balls’ are also known as Dutch Doughnuts. They are some sort of deep fried fluffy bread filled or not with raisins in the shape of balls. This small fried doughnut balls are made from simple ingredients of flour, eggs, apple, milk and yeast. Normally enjoyed warm with some sprinkle of powdered sugar on top.

Want to try some Dutch snacks yourself?

Dutch food or snacks are a great way to surprise your friends, business relationships or colleagues. But getting these items can be a bit difficult if you’re not in the Netherlands or anywhere nearby. Lucky for you, you can easily order them online at Dutch Expat Shop. Do not wait any longer and take a quick look on their website!
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Project management

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What is project management?

Project management is understood to mean the management of projects. The term is used to indicate how defined projects are organised, initiated, planned, executed and finalised. A project is led by a project leader, whereby smaller projects with team leaders are designated in the project. The general project leader is responsible for the project and it is this person who, together with the team leaders, must steer the project in the right direction.

Setting up a project

With almost every project, a number of crucial steps are taken during the set-up. A first important step is the definition of the project and the determination of the ‘scope’. The second step is the planning of the entire project. This involves determining any sub-projects, appointing team leaders and establishing a reporting hierarchy. The third step is the effective implementation of the project and the underlying subprojects by the various teams, according to the established schedule. A fourth step is the monitoring of the progress of the project by the team leaders and by the project leader. A last, but not unimportant step, is the completion of the project by means of a report to the sponsor of the project and possibly also to those involved. This last step is often forgotten, but it is extremely important to communicate the conclusion and success of the project to all involved. There are many project management methods, including OPEN, PRINCE2, PMBOK, and so on. The MoSCoW method is also used in the ICT and software environment.

A project manager within a company: capabilities

A project manager is appointed by the management of the company and is then responsible for the smooth progress and correct handling of the project. Project managers can be appointed for a variety of projects. There are change projects, large-scale construction projects, financial projects, software development projects, and so on. However, in all projects the project manager monitors the scope of the project, the expected objectives set by the management, the management of those involved and the successful realization follow budget and within the agreed term.


Skills of a good project manager

A project manager must have a number of important skills. He must have very strong analytical skills. A complex assignment should be presented simply to those involved, otherwise you risk that those involved will drop out. A project manager must quickly gain insight into which employees he needs to successfully complete the project. Another skill is the proactiveness in detecting certain problems during the project. Coaching, leadership and adjustment by the project manager in a clear way are essential for a successful realization. The last skill is very important: stress resistance. Project managers who cannot handle stress, or who panic very quickly, exude little or no confidence in those involved in the project.

Project management: what is the MoSCow method?

The MoSCoW method within project management is widely used in the IT sector, more specifically in the domain of software management. With the MoSCoW method, certain priorities are set for the different requirements. It determines the importance of each requirement. The letters of the word MoSCoW indicate the different levels of requirements.
M: must haves: the requirements within this category are indispensable in the final result. If these requirements are not included in the end result, the product or service cannot start.
S: should haves: these are requirements that are strongly desired. If these are not delivered, the product will remain usable.
C: could haves: these requirements will be included in the project if there is enough time to realize them.
W: won’t haves: these requirements will not occur in the scope of the project, but these requirements can be retrieved later in time, or become part of a follow-up project.

The letters ‘o’ in MoSCoW have no meaning whatsoever. These are only put between the other letters to make it easy to pronounce.

With the MoSCow method it is essential to properly classify the categories of requirements. A project, set up according to the MoSCoW method, will only be successful when all requirements of the ‘must haves’ category have been delivered. Another advantage of this project management method is that it is possible to work towards a first delivery moment more quickly.

Project management versus day-to-day business activities
How does project management differ from normal day-to-day business activities? A project can be considered





business management


auto verkopen 

tweedehands auto

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Starting an Online Business in Asia?

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The Covid19 situation has caused a lot of issues for businesses around the world, with closures occuring across the board. However, with this fluctuating situation also comes opportunity. They say that every crisses is an opportunity, and so the Covid19 pandemic is also bring opportunities in new technologies and also with the option of starting businesses in areas that are begginging to get back to normal.


Many areas of Asia are starting to look at how to live with Covid19, instead of simply trying to completely control it. This is oppening up opportunities for new online services, online platforms, and all kinds of other businesses. What may have been someones disaster experience could become another persons dream opportunity.


Since businesses have been closed or functions reduces, as the markets reopen, there is a need to fill the void and provide the services and products people want. However, as the world is not yet completely stable, one way to do this is to test the markets with a website, or even to provide online sales and services. It is often cheap to get started and gives you more flexibility to grow and become established.


So, as countries such as Singapore and Thailand look at how to live normally with Covid, why not get online and grab some of the market. There are many resources for setting up hosting and websites, as well as offorable options to get going. The first step is to start looking for opportunities.


Once you have an idea of what you want to do, you will then need some web hosting and ideally that should be in Asia or with a good CDN (Content Display Network) so that your website loads quickly for your target customers. Depending on the project size or your knowledge level, everything from shared hosting to virtual private servers is available at affordable prices. You could even get a dedicated server, but unless your new venture is a large app idea or likely to be huge, that kind of level isn’t normally needed. We’d suggest starting small with your hosting plans, and then upgrading as you notice any issues or need the extra bandwidth etc. After all, it is likely to be a while befor you reach any major levels of fame.
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4 Ways the Internet Can Help Consumers Make Informed Choices

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The internet has automatically changed how we engage, relate to, and react to things online. There have been various resulting changes.

Digital technology is making its rounds and this continuous growth and change have lasting effects on consumers. With the presence of social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc., consumers now have an even wider range on how you share, contribute, and access information on the internet.

Customer review websites are one of the rippling effects of the internet on consumers and with the presence of a website like this, consumers make it a sole purpose to let these reviews guide their online purchases. Almost every consumer buying anything both online and physical uses the internet for research about the specific product or service they’re looking out for. The increasing information on the internet for consumers has completely changed and influenced their decision and choice-making abilities.

  1.       Carrying out thorough Research: The surge of information available to every consumer has influenced how they make choices on any item online. For many reasons now, almost every consumer knows they have to undergo a series of research before buying anything online. With the popularity of the internet, consumers spend a reasonable amount of time reading up useful information from prices to reviews, etc. What this has done is to increase the interest of consumers about any product, sending them down the road of making clear and aware choices.
  2.       Social Media Impact: Almost every consumer on the internet knows a marketing copy when they see one. Brands now use social media platforms as amarketing strategy towards consumers but, in this case, marketing is done more subtly through the capturing of consumers’ interest through conversations and other relevant social engagements. With this, consumers are most likely to patronize a brand they relate to by the connection developed through social media.
  3.       Impeccable Store Features: What extensive research has impacted on consumers is the knowledge that the availability of certain needed products isn’t enough to make a purchase. There has to be other important store features like deliveries, discount programs,refund policies that have the potential to encourage consumers to buy a particular product. Hardly are there any consumers today who embark on buying an item they don’t know how it will be delivered. For some others, the last straw is the online stores without refund policies. Many consumers find the lack of some of these features sketchy.
  4.       Wider Consumer Awareness: The increased use and presence of digital technology has influenced consumers in general. Consumers now understand that their relationship with the seller doesn’t entirely end after the purchase. There are still ways they can express their experiences about certain products and services. It is this awareness the internet has brought to consumers that has in turn broadened their knowledge.

In general, the internet has encouraged consumers to valuequality customer relationships and it’s up to online stores to live up to that.

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Ein Containerformat für Bilder und Bildsequenzen ist das High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF). Der Standard unterstützt Multimediadateien mit verschiedenen Medienströmen wie Text, Audio und Video. Dies schließt Medienströme ein. Die hocheffiziente HEIF-Videokodierung HEVC benötigt nur etwa die Hälfte des Speicherplatzes wie das Pendant in JPEG-Qualität. HEIF ermöglicht auch Animationen und ist in der Lage, mehr Informationen in kleinerer Größe zu speichern als ein animiertes GIF oder APNG.

Das ISO Base Media File Format), das erstmals 2001 als gemeinsamer Teil von MP4 und JPEG 2000 spezifiziert wurde, ist eine besondere Instanz für HEIF-Dateien. Es wurde 2015 eingeführt und als Teil 12 der MPEG-H-Mediensuite (ISO/IEC 23008-12) von der Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) erstellt.

Im Jahr 2013 wurden HEIFs als Voraussetzung und Hauptverwendungszweck festgelegt. Die Ausarbeitung der Spezifikation dauerte rund eineinhalb Jahre und wurde Mitte 2015 abgeschlossen. Mit der Einführung von iOS 11, das HEIC verwendet, war Apple 2017 der erste Großabnehmer. Einige Systeme konvertieren im HEIC-Format gespeicherte Fotos automatisch in das ältere JPEG-Format, wenn sie außerhalb des Systems übertragen werden.


Die folgenden Arten von Daten können mit HEIF-Dateien gespeichert werden:


Speichern von Bildern, Bildattributen und Miniaturansichten für einzelne Bilder.

Abgeleitetes Bild:

Abgeleitete Bilder ermöglichen die nicht-destruktive Änderung von Bildern, die das Rendering-Programm mit Hilfe der in der HEIF-Datei enthaltenen Bearbeitungsanweisungen selbstständig erstellt. Diese Anweisungen und Bilder werden individuell gespeichert (rechteckige Bombierung, Drehung mit einer Drehung, Drehung mit zwei oder drei Drehungen, zeitgesteuerte grafische Überlagerungen usw.) und sind in den Eingangsfotos in einer HEIF-Datei beschrieben. Der Speicheraufwand für die gewonnenen Bilder ist minimal.

Bilddaten als Hilfsmittel:

Hier werden Bilddaten wie eine Alphaebene oder eine Kartentiefe gespeichert, die ein anderes Bildelement ergänzen. Diese Daten werden nicht als solche angezeigt, sondern als Ergänzung zu einem anderen Bildelement auf verschiedene Weise verwendet. EXIF-, XMP- und ähnliche Metadaten-Bilder, die in der HEIF-Datei enthalten sind, begleiten die Metadaten-Fotos.

Sequenzen von Bildern:

Es werden mehrere zeitlich aufeinanderfolgende Bilder (z. B. eine Burst-Fotoaufnahme oder eine Filmanimation) gespeichert und die Eigenschaften und Miniaturen der Bilder.

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Wat heb ik nodig om een website te bouwen? Domeinnaam of webhosting?

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Om een ​​website te bouwen heeft u zowel een domeinnaam als een webhostingaccount nodig.

Het kopen van een domeinnaam alleen geeft je alleen het recht om die bepaalde domeinnaam te gebruiken voor een bepaalde periode (meestal 1 jaar).

U heeft webhosting nodig om de bestanden van uw website op te slaan. Nadat u hosting heeft gekregen, moet u uw domeinnaaminstellingen bijwerken en verwijzen naar uw webhostingserviceprovider.

U kunt ook zowel het domein als de hosting bij hetzelfde bedrijf kopen. Cloud86 biedt verschillende soorten pakketten aan die passen bij het soort website dat jij graag wilt. Daarnaast bieden zij ook goede webhosting pakketten aan vanaf 1,95 euro.

Voordelen van Cloud86:

–        Meerdere websites per pakket. Je kan erg veel kosten besparen door meerdere websites onder 1 pakket te plaatsen. Je kunt een onbeperkt aantal domeinen toevoegen vanaf het “Webhosting Medium pakket”. Dit is erg voordelig

–        Elk moment opzegbaar. Bij Cloud86 heb je ook de mogelijkheid om te kiezen voor een maandcontract. Hierdoor zit je niet aan het contract vast.  Opzegtermijnen zijn namelijk niet meer van deze tijd. Dus bij Cloud86 kun je dit elk moment annuleren

–        Geautomatiseerde backups. Een andere mooie functie van Cloud86 is dat zij elke nacht een backup maken van je websites, databases en e-mails. Deze backups kun je 24/7 terugzetten via het “Plesk control panel”. Door deze functie hoef je nooit in paniek te raken als er wat gebeurt.

Zodra je hosting hebt gekocht en je domeinnaam hebt geregistreerd, kun je beginnen met het bouwen van je website. Raadpleeg handleidingen voor het maken van een website voor volledige stapsgewijze instructies.

Moet ik ze samen kopen? Of kan ik ze apart kopen?

U kunt bij twee verschillende bedrijven een domeinnaam en webhosting kopen. In dat geval moet u uw domeinnaam echter naar uw webhostingbedrijf verwijzen door de DNS-instellingen te wijzigen.

Aan de andere kant, als u uw domeinnaam en webhosting bij hetzelfde bedrijf koopt, hoeft u de domeinnaaminstellingen niet te wijzigen.

Het is ook veel gemakkelijker om beide services onder hetzelfde dashboard te beheren en te vernieuwen.

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How does a sculptor designs a stainless steel work of art?

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How does a sculptor designs a stainless steel work of art?

Stainless steel art commissions , free work   or garden statues 

It is challenging for an artist to carry out an art assignment. There is often a specific wish for a work of art in the garden (garden statues), entrance or as an award or (wedding) gift.It is different from making so-called free work , but not necessarily less free. Or as Goethe said: In der Beschränkung zeigt sich erst der Meister .  

 {{ externalimage }}

Stainless steel sculpture designs

To be able to make a sculpture you need a design. to be. For an artist-sculptor it often starts with a sketch. That could even be a scratch on the corner of a napkin or newspaper. If you feel that this has the potential to evolve into a beautiful stainless steel work of art, the next step comes.

Stainless steel sculptures – 3D models 

There are several ways to translate the sketch into a 3D model so well . Increasingly popular zis the way with a 3D computer program like Blender or Solid works an artist’s impression to make. The advantage is that it immediately gives an impression of the stainless steel sculpture in its environment. Still, making a small model in cardboard, plaster or clay is a lot of fun.


The image then literally takes shape under your hands. The materials and shapes feel in your hands give a feeling no 3D program can provide. Whatever I choose: afterthat I make a mockup of the sculpture with cheap sculpting materials and such as  wax, clay, cardboard or wood.

Stainless steel sculpture Prototype or Mock-up  

If you like the small model of the artwork; or if I like the 3D artist’s impression , I first make the design of the stainless steel sculpture in full size from cheap material. Think of sculptural materials such as cardboard, clay, wood or plaster. The life-size art statue gives a good impression of the proportions. You can also immediately see whether the stainless steel sculpture or work of art does not look too large or small.


Perform stainless steel sculpture 

For stainless steel art or stainless steel sculptures you can work with various metal processing techniques. The most important thing is that the shape is correct. Once that shape and proportions are in order after adjustments, you can start working with peace of mind. Then it is cutting, rolling, tapping, setting, bending and / or welding to get the stainless steel into the correct shape. The materials I work with are mainly stainless steel sheet metal and stainless steel profiles (pipes and tubes)

Finish stainless steel sculpture 

If the shape and proportions are correct, you also want the finish to match. A nice finish of the stainless steel is half the battle.  The so-called skin of the stainless steel can be processed in several ways.The stainless steel sculptures can cut or polished to be . After sanding, the stainless steel is polished with grease until the stainless steel shines like a mirror. I regularly contrast the polished parts with matt surfaces . This contrast gives visual tension and ensures that continues to fascinate to look at the sculpture too . Other finishes and so as directionless abrasive acids or stainless steel which brushed is to form a beautiful sculpture strengthen .


Quality stainless steel sculptures 

To ensure that the sculptures remain beautiful, I use the best quality stainless steel. The used stainless steel of stainless steel Sculptures has the quality 316 (stainless steel 316) which is suitable for the most severe conditions. This means that an art sculpture also remains beautiful outside. Stainless steel works of art can therefore be placed inside the home or office as well as outside in the garden or public space.


View stainless steel art 

Besides on the internet my stainless steel sculptures can also be found in various sculpture gardens and art galleries. If you want to visit it, it is best to make an appointment in advance and inquire whether the stainless steel sculpture or art statue you want to see is also on display.


This article is brought to you by Jeroen Stok stainless steel sculptures

Jeroen Stok – Stainless steel artist


meet the artist
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Joy Organics CBD – Quit Smoking Naturally

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Joy Organics CBD is an herbal supplement that has helped many people quit smoking. It has helped many other people quit too. But does it really work? In this article I’m going to take a closer look at the claims the company makes about the effectiveness of their supplement and whether or not it’s actually effective. Hopefully you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not this might be something you’d be interested in trying.


So, what is CBD? It’s short for Cannabidiol, which is the same thing as THC, the compound in marijuana that makes you feel “high”. So basically, if you take CBD you’ll be getting the same “high” feeling you get from smoking pot. But unlike marijuana, your body won’t go through the horrible experience of withdrawal when you take CBD. Which is good news if you’re someone who suffers from frequent pot use.


When you use CBD it helps your nervous system and your brain function better. In short, it helps you stay calm under pressure. If you’re taking a product that claims it can help your nervous system, it can only be beneficial if it actually works. Otherwise it will just have the opposite effect, driving you to smoke more cigarettes.


But is there an effective supplement out there? There are quite a few products on the market today that claim to be able to help people quit cigarettes with very little effort. And a lot of them do help. But they’re hardly effective, which is why I wanted to write this review.


But did you know that the most effective supplement on the market today is called Pure CBD? It is manufactured by a company based in Canada, and it was actually created to specifically help people who want to quit smoking but cannot do so with nicotine replacement therapy. The problem is that nicotine replacement therapies haven’t been proven effective enough to help people quit. Pure CBD on the other hand has helped hundreds of people quit smoking all over the world using its unique formula.


What does Pure CBD do to help you quit smoking naturally? Basically it does three things for you. First of all, it increases your body’s ability to produce its own endorphins, which are the natural painkillers found in your body that make you feel good. Also, it increases blood flow to your nerves and brain, which allow those parts to function better. Lastly, it helps keep your nervous system healthy, as well as improve your overall health.

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Jouw lounge set kiezen

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Op zoek naar een nieuwe lounge set? Met de grote selectie van tuinmeubilair op de markt, is het eenvoudig om er een te vinden die geschikt is voor je smaak en stijl. Het is echter belangrijk om na te denken over welke factoren het belangrijkst voor jou zijn voordat je begint met zoeken. In dit artikel zullen we praten over de hoofdtypen loungesets, hoe ze passen in je algehele landschap en enkele geweldige tips om je te helpen de juiste lounge set te vinden. Na het lezen van dit artikel zou je in staat moeten zijn om het juiste tuinmeubilair van de tuin voor je behoeften en stijl te kopen.


Loungesets zijn in het algemeen samengesteld uit een tafel en stoelen die zijn geplaatst in de tuin. De sets kunnen worden ontworpen om een breed scala aan zitregelingen te bieden. Veel moderne loungesets kunnen een bankje bevatten aan de zijkant of onderkant van de tafel. Sommige moderne sets hebben verwijderbare stoelen die kunnen worden uitgehaald en opgeslagen wanneer ze niet worden gebruikt, waardoor het gemakkelijker is om buiten tuinmeubilair rond het zwembad of het zwembadgebied te beheren.


Klassieke patio-sets

Er zijn verschillende hoofdstijlen van loungesets waaruit je kunt kiezen. De eerste is de klassieke patio-set. Deze sets bestaan uit een tafel en vier stoelen. Het is een goede stijl voor gezinnen met kinderen, omdat er meerdere kinderen zijn die kunnen worden ondergebracht in de set. Klassieke patio-sets zijn ook gemakkelijk om voor te zorgen, en het meest voorzien van een ingebouwde, verstelbare stoel die kan worden vergrendeld en beveiligd voor maximale veiligheid. De meest voorkomende materialen voor dit type tuinmeubilair omvatten hout, metaal, rieten en kunststof.


Veranda sets

Vervolgens heb je de veranda sets. Deze sets zijn meestal groter dan patio-sets, en ze bestaan uit een tafel, vier tot zes stoelen en een glas of een acrylvenster dat kan worden gesloten. Deze sets zijn meestal het populairst, omdat ze meer ruimte kunnen gebruiken, ze zijn aantrekkelijker, en ze bieden meer privacy.


Veranda lounge set

De volgende set waar we naar kijken, is de veranda lounge set. Een veranda lounge set is meestal groter dan andere soorten tuinmeubilair. Het bestaat in het algemeen uit een tafel en acht tot twaalf stoelen, afhankelijk van de grootte van de set. Een veranda set is ideaal voor het vermaken, of loungen na een dag werk. De meeste veranda’s bevatten ook een overdekte ingang, waarmee je gasten op je privé gebied kunnen peren zonder te worden gestoord door andere bezoekers.


Ten slotte gaan we kijken naar de top van de veranda meubels. Deze set is vergelijkbaar met de patio- of tuinmeubelset, behalve dat het geen glazen deur heeft die kan worden vergrendeld. Deze sets zijn geweldig voor gezinnen die niet door kleine kinderen hoeven te worden gestoord, en ze maken uitstekende lounges voor het hosten van bruiloften of andere evenementen. Nogmaals, de meeste loungesets bevatten een glas of een acrylvenster, waardoor zonlicht in te schitteren terwijl ze veel privacy bieden.
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Administratieve hulp voor uw midden- en kleinbedrijf

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Als mkb’er zit u waarschijnlijk niet te wachten op allerlei administratieve werkzaamheden. Daarom kan het erg nuttig zijn om hulp in te schakelen van een accountantsbureau. Het zijn vaak taken waar u geen tijd voor heeft en die ook nog eens bepaalde kennis vereisen. Denk hierbij aan de belastingaangifte of de jaarrekening, maar ook aan personeelszaken en salarisverwerking. Als je een accountant inhuurt hoeft u zich hier geen zorgen meer over te maken. Lees in deze blog wat een accountant voor uw bedrijf kan betekenen. 

Een administratieve partner en goede adviseur
Naast dat een accountant je werk uit handen neemt en je dus tijdwinst boekt om andere dingen te doen biedt een accountant nog meer voordelen. Het zijn immers mensen met kennis van zaken, die ook u ook bij kunnen staan met adviezen en een goede sparringpartner voor u kunnen zijn. U heeft er dus niet alleen wat aan met de praktische uitvoer van administratieve werkzaamheden, maar ook in de vorm van advies.

Administratie uitbesteden aan een accountant
Facturering, salarisadministratie, belastingaangiftes, het is allemaal noodzakelijk kwaad. Het is zonde als dit in de weg komt te staan van uw kerntaken of de groei van uw bedrijf stagneert. Ondanks dat het spannend kan zijn om bepaalde taken uit te besteden is dit vaak wel de beste oplossing. Mits u het uitbesteedt aan een betrouwbare partij natuurlijk. Eentje die met u meedenkt, oplossingen aanreikt en weet wat er verwacht wordt.  

Een helpende hand bij het personeelsbeleid
Personeelsbeleid van uw onderneming kan, vooral in de startfase of bij snelle groei, een ingewikkelde en tijdrovende klus zijn. Het ligt dan op de loer om bepaalde personeelszaken minder aandacht te geven wat ertoe kan leiden dat het personeel zich achtergesteld voelt en dat is natuurlijk niet de bedoeling. Een accountantsbureau kan u hierin daarom bijstaan door de salarisverwerking over te nemen of zelfs (een deel van) het recruitment over te nemen. 

Tijd om een specialist in te schakelen
Het uitbesteden van de taken aan een accountantsbureau kan u dus stress besparen en bovendien bijdragen aan de ontwikkeling van u en uw bedrijf. Een voorbeeld van een goed en betrouwbaar accountantsbureau is BW&S. Bij dit accountantsbureau kunt u terecht voor uw administratie, personeelsbeleid, advies en nog veel meer. U kunt eenvoudig een afspraak met ze inplannen via hun website. Hun specialisten helpen u dan graag verder.
March 2, 2021 |

What a business consultant can do for your company in five simple steps

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You stand out from your competitors, but the software and business applications are holding you back. That is a difficult situation to be in, you see what lies ahead in terms of success, but you are standing still due to reasons you can’t easily influence. Good business consultancy can help you out with that. Simply put there are five steps a business consultant will go through to help you get your business applications back on track with your company goals. We’ve lined them up for you in this blog.

Step 1: Analysis
First things first. How are the processes running right now? Where are the bottlenecks? Which software might be slowing down progress? It is quite well possible that the standard legacy software is holding you back or that the ICT structure is improperly built. It is important to first conclude this before a consultant can start with their advice.

Step 2: Design
Once the bottlenecks are known and other problems and hiccups are identified, they can start with designing the right ICT architecture to solve this and prevent it from happening again. Which process flows have to be (re)designed to make sure it will al go smoothly in the near future?

Step 3: Alignment
All the technical details will have to be defined so your technology will pay-off the maximum amount. The new applications and the current applications will need to be integrated with each other. 

Step 4: Development
The new applications will have to be developed to fit your platform(s) and your organization. This process needs to be done quick, but in a reliable way of course.

Step 5: Adoption
After everything is implemented and up and running, the consultant will still stay involved. Tracking the processes and the success of the applications. It is necessary to keep the applications running in the way they should and that they are used in the way they should. 

Need a good Business Consultancy Agency?
After reading this you might think: I need such a consultancy right away! For a good advise and solution in IT you can check out the website of for instance fizor. This company has over 25 years of experience in IT solutions and can help you out with the internal processes in your company. Take a look around their website or plan an appointment with their specialists to get to know more.
March 2, 2021 |

How to pick the best gaming headset in five steps

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Gaming headsets improve your gaming experience a lot. For one, a good headset will make you feel like you are in the game itself, surrounded by all the sounds. Secondly it will help you locate your opponents even better so that you are always one step ahead of them. And last but not least a gaming headset will help you to communicate with your team members and other players. This makes it a very valuable addition to your gaming gear. But how do you pick the right headset? In this article we will give you five steps to follow so you can come to a selection that will fit your needs.

Step 1: Your platform

The first step is to take into account the platform you will use your gaming headset for. Especially when you are looking for a wireless gaming headset is important to check if they can connect to your PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo. Wired headset often have a 3.5mm jack that will fit most consoles and PC. Still sometimes the sound is not compatible with your platform so always check this first.

Step 2: Wireless or wired gaming headset?

Wireless and wired gaming headsets both have their advantages and disadvantages. A wireless headset gives you more freedom and the wire won’t be in the way while gaming. On the other hand, wireless gaming headsets have a battery that often makes them more heavy than wired headsets. Also the battery can run out so you will have to pay attention to that. Lastly the wireless versions are often platform specific, so pay attention to that. Especially when you play on different platforms a wired headset might be the better option.

Step 3: Sound quality of the headset

The quality of the sound can vary a lot between different headsets. Broadly speaking there are there different type of sound qualities:

Stereo Sound: the sound comes from two audio channels, which makes it quite straightforward. It is great sound for watching a movie or listen to music, but when you are gaming you might not be able to hear specifically where your opponents are.

7.1 Virtual Surround Sound: with this type of sound the sound comes from 7 audio channels, thereby improving your ability to hear where the sound (and opponents) are coming from. This can give you an edge while gaming, but when you also want to watch movies with it or listen to music this might not be the best option.

Dimensional Sound: in terms of the spatiality of sound this is even one step better than 7.1 virtual surround sound. However this type of sound is not yet supported for all games so check this with your favorite games before you invest in a gaming headset with this new technology.

Step 4: Comfort

When you are gaming you might wear your headset for multiple hours at a time. Then comfort is also an important aspect to think about. First of all you need to choose between on-ear or over-ear ear cups. On-ear cups will give you a bit more natural sound and it will become less hot in the summer. Over-ear cups will completely block out sounds around you and give you the best in-game experience. The disadvantage is that it might get very warm in the summer while gaming.

Other things to think about in terms of comfort are the headband and the weight of the gaming headset. The headband distributes the weight on your head and you have to make sure it fits well. Some of the gaming headsets therefore have adjustable headbands. More expensive headsets are often lightweight so that you can wear them for a longer time without any problems.   

Step 5: Communication

In terms of communications possibilities, two things are important: noise cancelling and a mute function. The noise cancelling makes sure that any background noise will not reach your team. With the mute function you can turn off your microphone so that your team can not listen to you while you are talking to someone in your room for example.

These are our five steps for picking the right gaming headset. You will probably still come down to a selection from which you have to choose, but at least you will have some guidance now on what to look for!

February 15, 2021 |

Digital storytelling for businesses

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What is storytelling?

As human beings, we’re hardwired to love a good story. It’s been this way since the beginning of time. We use stories to make sense of the world around us and to connect with the people we share it with. Good stories grab our attention, foster understanding, and build an emotional connection.  

Stories are at the heart of how we communicate. They enable people to transfer knowledge and understand complex information. On top of that, stories make it easier for people to remember things. 

Try to recall what was in that status report 3 weeks ago and you’ll most likely draw a blank. Try to remember what the hotel room looked like during that legendary weekend getaway with friends and you’ll remember every detail – from the floral printed throw pillow to the suspicious stain on the carpet. Through the power of storytelling, you can turn all sorts of information into compelling and memorable stories. 

The Center for Neuroeconomics Studies has done interesting research that shows how stories affect people differently than formal presentations—concluding that storytelling has a much higher impact on the audience than presenting mere facts and figures. This makes it a powerful content marketing tool that can maximize a business’ profit, visibility, and impact. 


How to use storytelling for your business

There are many ways to integrate storytelling as part of your brand and business communication. Nowadays, digital storytelling is probably the most logical way to go – as so much of our communication and life has moved to the online space. Companies such as Hyro, offer storytelling software that makes it simple and accessible for companies to create impactful digital stories that are worth sharing.

When wrapping corporate facts and figures in a story, it’s essential to understand the structure of good stories. There’s no real difference between a best-seller, Hollywood Blockbuster, Pulitzer prize winning type of story and a corporate story. Every good story follows a similar story structure that consists of 7 elements: 

There’s a good reason why most people remember dialogues and scenes from their favorite movies – even years later. A good story provides the structure we need to remember things. It’s how our brains make sense of the world. Whether it’s a famous fairy tale such as Snowwhite or a compelling corporate story, every captivating story has the same structure. 

There’s always a hero who faces a problem. He then meets a guide, who provides the hero with a plan to solve the problem. This is when the stakes become clear, which moves the hero to action. By doing this, the hero of the story avoids failure, and eventually delivers success. 

In most “normal” stories the audience identifies with the hero and his/her challenges. As a corporate storyteller, your customer IS the hero of the story. And you’re the guide that offers a solution that allows the hero to overcome his/her challenges.


The use of visuals in corporate storytelling

Building a good story is the first part of storytelling. Presentation and deliverance is the second and equally important part. You need to use visuals to communicate your story effectively. Visualizing your corporate story helps you grab your audience attention.

People respond to what they see more than anything else. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than written text, which is why visual stories are so impactful. 

There are many options to create visually stunning and engaging stories, for example, by using photos, videos, animations, and even virtual or augmented reality. Regardless of the chosen option – a storyteller needs to help the audience see things clearly. This counts as much as what’s being said. 


How does storytelling benefit your company? 

There are many ways storytelling is used to grow businesses. Telling corporate stories in a captivating way will add more value to any customer experience, and it will take experience marketing to a higher level. 

Storytelling can also be used for internal purposes. For instance, a company’s internal marketing and employee communication. It’s an effective way to create a sense of community among employees while growing a strong company culture. 

In short, storytelling can unlock a whole new world of business opportunity and profit.



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January 29, 2021 |

Glamping in Frankrijk

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Wat wordt het dit keer? Ga je weer met de hele familie op vliegvakantie, uren wachtend op het vliegveld voordat je plaats mag nemen in een veel te krap vliegtuig? Ga je weer dagenlang met de auto onderweg, tot de nok toe volgeladen met je kampeerartikelen? Geheid dat je airco het begeeft, net op de heetste dag van de zomer.

Of kies je dit jaar voor een ontspannende vakantie in Frankrijk? Een vakantie waar je wél het plezier van de camping ervaart, maar dan met al het comfort waar je gewend aan bent? Als dat je wat lijkt, dan kies je voor een glamping in Frankrijk.

Het plannen van een vakantie in Frankrijk is aantrekkelijker en makkelijker dan ooit. Of het nu de rijke architectuur is, de befaamde Franse keuken, de steden of de natuur. Op de glamping van je keuze in Frankrijk begin je elke dag met een vers croissantje en sluit je de dag af met een heerlijke wijn van het wijngoed in de buurt.

De eeuwige zoektocht naar een camping zonder dat onheilspellende bordje “complet” hoort tot het verleden. Met glamping kun je in Frankrijk overal terecht, van de ruige kust van Normandie, tot de Alpen en de Franse Riviera. Elke glamping is uniek.

Wat maakt voor jou de perfecte vakantie? Wil je vooral genieten van wijn en spijs? Bezoek dan de befaamde wijnregio’s. Hou je van stevige wandelingen door de bergen? Zoek dan een glamping in de Vogezen of Ardèche. Of ga naar de Provence, voor een perfect romantische vakantie, waarin lavendelvelden en schattige dorpjes elkaar afwisselen.

De juiste glamping is de basis van een topvakantie in Frankrijk

Wat alle glampings op met elkaar gemeen hebben is gemak, luxe en comfort. Boek je jouw vakantie via ons, dan hoef je jezelf geen zorgen te maken over de accommodatie. Je hebt altijd alle ruimte in jouw volledig ingerichte accommodatie. De keuken is compleet, de bedden liggen heerlijk en vaak is sanitair en wifi beschikbaar.

Er zijn echter ook verschillen. De ene glamping in Frankrijk is perfect voor een romantische vakantie samen, terwijl de andere ideaal is voor (jonge) gezinnen. Boek een safaritent, een lodge of zelfs een boomhut, met een paar kliks.

Bezoek de site en blader door de lijst, op zoek naar de glamping in Frankrijk die past bij jou en je vakantiewensen.

January 15, 2021 |

Vakantieparken in Nederland

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Wie toe is aan vakantie, kiest over het algemeen eerst de vakantiebestemming. Vaak kijken mensen in eerste instantie over de grens. Voor sommige mensen kan het niet ver genoeg zijn. Maar dat je voor vakantie, al dan niet via het vliegveld, naar het buitenland moet, is geen vaststaand feit. In 2020 ontdekten we massaal dat we, samen met onze dierbaren, ook dicht bij huis terecht kunnen voor een week vol qualitytime

Dankzij de honderden recreatie- en vakantieparken is ons land erg aantrekkelijk voor een korte break of lange vakantie. De door geselecteerde vakantieparken zijn ruim, luxe en volledig. Daardoor kun je je hele vakantie doorbrengen zonder het vakantiepark te verlaten.

Vakantieparken aan de kust

Ook de omgeving van de vakantieparken is aantrekkelijk voor toeristen. De liefhebber van strand en zee kiest natuurlijk één van de vele vakantieparken aan de kust. Bij sommige vakantieparken heeft je huisje zelfs uitzicht over zee, zodat je kunt genieten van de mooiste zonsondergangen.

Natuur beleven vanuit je vakantiepark

Wandel je liever door de bossen? Dan kies je één van de vakantieparken nabij de vele natuurgebieden die Nederland rijk is. De Veluwe is het bekendste gebied, maar overweeg ook eens een verblijf bij de Biesbosch, verken de Sallandse heuvelrug of maak kennis met die typisch Twentse gastvrijheid. En wat dacht je van het zuiden, met de Loonse en Drunense Duinen, de Peel of de heuvelachtige gebieden in Zuid-Limburg?

Vakantieparken in Nederland zijn de beste keuze

Kies je voor een van de vakantieparken in Nederland, dan kies je voor kwaliteit. Ten minste, als je gebruik maakt van het overzicht van De hier genoemde parken voldoen aan de hoogst mogelijke eisen.

Dankzij de uitgebreide voorzieningen zorgen deze vakantieparken dat je helemaal kunt ontspannen. De meeste vakantieparken bieden een zwembad en restaurant. Anderen verhuren fietsen (ook e-bikes), hebben een animatieteam en verschillende sportfaciliteiten. Ook een wifi-verbinding komt op steeds meer parken beschikbaar.

Makkelijk kiezen, makkelijk boeken

Bezoek om je zoektocht naar het perfecte vakantiepark in Nederland makkelijker te maken. Dankzij de handige filters selecteer je precies de vakantieparken die aan je wensen voldoen. Ben je eruit? Dan boek je snel en eenvoudig. Niet via allerlei tussenstappen, maar direct bij de aanbieder.

January 15, 2021 |

Efficient and secure communication

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AXIWI offers a team communication solution that allows team members and colleagues to communicate crystal-clear. Instantly solving problems and answering questions prevents risks and improves processes. The system uses efficient, lightweight yet robust wireless headsets and takes team communication to the next level!

In the daily activities, receipt of goods but also in the processing your employees are in direct contact, which makes communication very efficient. In production companies many people are present at the same time. This efficient communication saves you time and can greatly improve the image of your industrial company. Numerous aspects require optimal communication.

Calling up a forklift truck to move a pallet, searching for a load or reporting the arrival of a driver. The machine operators who need to keep their hands free can consult each other. This efficient communication saves you time and can greatly improve the image of your company. Communicating remotely can be easy.

Everyone on location is wirelessly connected via AXIWI communication devices such as plant tour headsets, with coverage in every corner of the workplace. Team members on different floors, in different buildings and even colleagues assisting customers outside the building can communicate as if they were in the same room with AXIWI wireless headsets for good communication. If a supplier is at the back gate, an employee can be called up at the touch of a service button. The staff can then agree among themselves who is going to the service point.

January 4, 2021 |

Reusable environmentally friendly water bottle

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Ready for the environmentally friendly water bottle of the century? Bottle Up reusable water bottles are made of sugar cane, completely recyclable and fully bio-based. No fossil sourced plastic involved, just BPA free bio based plastic. 


Bio-based reusable bottle

The sugar cane used to produce our bottles is grown in Brazil and concentrated in the country’s south region, located more than 2,500 km from the Amazon region. Brazilian sugarcane is highly efficient in terms of water consumption, with 95% irrigated naturally by rainfall. Just 0.02% of the country’s arable land is used for I’m greenTM Polyethylene and with every 100.000 tons produced, nearly 500.000 tons of CO2 is reduced worldwide.


Environmentally friendly water bottle next level

Our environmentally friendly water bottle is produced in Wolverhampton, not too far from Staffordshire, so we cut down on heavy transport between the two locations. In order to guarantee hygiene every load is fitted with tamper evident seals that are removed on arrival and samples are taken from every batch and sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory for testing.


As Bottle Up expands to more locations across Europe, we will make sure to replicate the same production process in each country: local partners working close together to reduce transport costs and our impact on the environment. 


  • The environmentally friendly water bottle is BPA free so you can reuse the bottle again and again. In fact, sugar cane doesn’t contain any form of BPA so you are safe to reuse.

  • The bottle isn’t biodegradable as we encourage people to reuse the bottle as often as possible. 

  • The bottle and cap are made from the same material, making them a mono material bottle. Both cap and bottle can be recycled at end of life. Please deposit the bottle in the plastic recycling bins.

  • You can reuse the bottle as often as you like. The bottle is BPA free and made to last if treated well. We advise you to rinse the bottle with hot water after use.


Reuse, Reduce, Refill

Bottle Up to reduce your carbon footprint and eliminate plastic waste. Drink the refreshing spring water then refill with tap water and use it again and again. We offer an environmentally friendly water bottle filled with spring water. Reducing the amount of single-use plastic bottles ending up in our rivers and oceans. As well our bottles are filled locally to reduce carbon emissions and transportation costs. Ready to start selling a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles?


December 23, 2020 |
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