From Japan: The Manga

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As well as serious or action-packed ones, you will find various humorous mangas. Comics that originated in Japan are referred to by the term manga. The term is now also used for non-Japanese counterparts in the everyday language. A lot of pictures and little text are shown in the mangas. A manga’s traditional reading direction is from right to left – depending on its country of origin. Again and again you will also discover typical style elements. The childlike depiction of some figures and enlarged eyes with visible pupils, for instance. This visual representation of the eyes can transmit a figure’s emotions and personality particularly well. The Mangaka can use certain techniques to depict emotions. A part of the body, such as the head during an outburst of anger, can be displayed disproportionately large. In addition, graphic elements symbolize various emotions. Drops of sweat represent embarrassment and stress, a cross on the forehead indicates the swelling of the blood vessels due to anger or anger, the mucous blister from the nose symbolizes sleeping, spiral eyes can mean exhaustion or unconsciousness. The mangaka brings you closer to the plot and gives you the opportunity to identify with a character.

Japanese comics as a series

Japanese comics include individual books, but often also series. Some manga characters are so interesting that their stories have to be carried on. A number of individual issues and edited volumes have already been published on this and offer fans of the series a lot of reading material. Read popular manga series regularly and find new manga PDF books via our PDF search engine.

Manga stories are taking over the market

Discover how versatile the manga world is. Japanese comics are intended for a wide range of readers. Mangas for children differ from mangas aimed at adults in style and content. Classic manga is presented differently from alternative manga. In every work, the typical style elements are not equally pronounced. Several mangaka have their own way of producing Japanese comics. There are mangas aimed at a specific gender that bring the culture and history of Japan closer, as well as sexually oriented mangas. They can encounter romance and love as well as fantasy and horror. You can discover crime manga and download manga PDF books. There are almost no limits to the genre.
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