How to install and setup WordPress on cPanel -Tips & Tricks

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The internet is flooded with a vast variety of websites, and even if an individual has the least knowledge about the technical aspects, he is quite eager to get into the stream. If we consider that trend, there is an urge to develop internet tools that could potentially help the non-technical people.




Installing WordPress

Saving you from several hours of hassle to setup WordPress on your domain, cPanel provides its users with an ultimate choice to use Softaculous. It is an auto installer that does not require you to upload the scripting files on the server for an installation. You just have to pick a software/tool from its User Interface and provide necessary details for installation. Taking WordPress as a specific example in this case and assuming that you have selected WordPress installation via Softaculous, the tool will be installed in less than a minute. So basically, if you do not know ANYTHING about cPanel’s technical aspects, then you could easily make a very decent web site by auto-installing WordPress and customising your website. When you are working on a website, you need to attach a database as well which is a tricky task. However, with the help of WordPress installation on cPanel, you get an automatically integrated database



Some Decent Plugins

Honestly, WordPress is just a flat tool, and even though its operational capabilities fetch far beyond any other tool in the industry, you must have an array of plugins to kick off your experience with WordPress. Let’s have a look at some of the necessary plugins below:


  1.  Hummingbird

If your site takes longer than the recommended time to load, you are on the verge of facing two losses. Firstly, your visitors won’t wait for long and close the tab if they do not find your site loading in a swift. Secondly, you would not get Google rankings since the search engine is keen to rank those sites which fulfil its 2 seconds’ loading criteria.

Apart from caching, Hummingbird performs merging and compression as well. So this is a pretty decent plugin in that niche which allows you to fix all site loading issues in a couple of clicks.


  1.  Defender

Since people are becoming interested in this incredible tool, it makes WordPress a heaven for black hat hackers. They just need to inject a bot once, and millions of sites would come down immediately and that too, across the Globe. Defender acts as an ethical hacker, and when you run this plugin, it searches for vulnerabilities in your WordPress installation. As soon as it finds them, you are notified, and the fixes are always a few clicks away!


  1.  Jetpack

It is quite rational to declare Jetpack the most comprehensive plugin for WordPress. It offers a nourished site performance, engagement tools for potential customers and of course, security as well. A comprehensive package offers a lot of other perks and Jetpack understands that pretty well. It also aids in social media sharing and getting rid of spam comments which destroy the image of your website.


  1.  Google Analytics +

We all know that Google Analytics is a tool used to get insights about visitors’ behaviour and areas of engagement regarding statistics. However, the tool might not be easy to integrate for the non-technical people. Salute to this plugin as it allows easy integration and you just have to provide your ID to enjoy a blissful experience and interact with your visitors from behind the curtain.


  1.  Contact Form 7

People make a grave mistake by ignoring to collect email addresses of their prospects (site visitors). To aid you with that, Contact Form 7 is a fantastic plugin which is user-friendly and catchy as well. You could customise its mainstream layout, and all of the details collected through this plugin are emailed to your address or added in your database, whatever you prefer!


  1.  Snapshot

Often, people want to run maintenance and other important procedures on their websites. Even if that is not a requirement, site backup must be available at all times. You should install this plugin and get the backup(s) of your site. Whenever required, you could restore your site to a specific backup point with an utmost easy interaction with technicalities.



It is quite evident that WordPress is a great tool to optimise your website and get an incredible online presence with absolutely zero technical experience involved. Since this level of ease attracts a wide base of customers, WordPress has become a hub for hackers. Therefore, you should install some decent security plugins to protect your site from any attack. Moreover, even if the tool is quite bulgy in its sustainability, it cannot perform well if the ‘subordinates’ do not support its functionality. That is the very thing being practised by the WordPress users where they get to install a lot of plugins to automate their experience.
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