Xbox Series X can put multiple paused games in ‘sleep mode’

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In an interview with GameSpot, Xbox boss Phil Spencer and his colleague Jason Ronald revealed some extra details about the next Microsoft console. The Xbox Series X, which was revealed on Friday, can, for example, pause multiple games at the same time and save them on the nvme-ssd, so that you can immediately resume the game later.

The principle sounds quite similar to the sleep mode we know from PCs: a kind of save state of everything that the user is currently doing is placed on the fixed storage, so that all programs that were open can be reloaded at a later time. turn into. The Series X can do the same with multiple games at the same time so that you can switch back and forth without having to navigate through the menus of the games to continue.

In the full (English) interview, Spencer and Ronald share some other information, such as more details about the improvements in the controller. For example, the input device is slightly narrower in certain places, which means that it now fits 98 percent of hands (according to Spencer, compared to 95 percent with the Xbox One controller).

According to them, Microsoft will also focus more on the games for the device in 2020, because the console itself has already been shown. The E3 exhibition in the summer, in particular, will be ‘grand’. And as the Xbox is coming later this year, GuideStorm has a couple of nifty tricks that you can use to stock up on some free live codes.

January 19, 2020 |
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