Madden NFL 21: New Gameplay Info

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Madden NFL returns in a few days. Electronic Arts is bringing the final touches to the game before launch. They already have announced most of the game modes and main features. One of such game modes is The Yard. Madden NFL’s equivalent to FIFA’s Volta. According to J.P Kellams, the producer in charge of the mode, players will be open to all. Players will have to come up with different strategies in order to counter their opponents.

The Yard mode will benefit of new gameplay animations that will differ of the main game. According to the Madden NFL 21 official website, players will be able to perform:” Behind the back throws, leaping flip-catches, multiple passes in one play, and crazy extended play combinations create momentum-shifting drives that run up the score and grant bonus points.” The matches will be more dynamic and “spectacular” than what we are used to.

Electronic Arts will launch a Madden NFL 21 mobile app. The app will allow the players to create and personalize their avatar. They will also be able to complete challenges that will reward you with Cred, the in-game currency, along with reputation points. An Electronic arts account will allow players to share their progression and inventory between their mobile phone and their console in The Yard mode.

Speaking of inventory, players will buy their gear by spending Cred. There will be a different class of gear, common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. Electronic arts will add new gear after the launch of the game. The rep will allow the player to grow their ranks for bragging rights. The game will propose five rank tiers, namely Newbie, Regular, Seasoned, Superfan, and Diehard. The players will decide the success of The Yard when the game launches.

On another note, one of the most important aspects in a Madden NFL game is the players’ ratings. There were debates about what those ratings would be. With the interruption of the 2019-2020 season because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there were concerns about the ratings of the players. This year, five players will reach the maximum 99 rating of the game: Michael Thomas, Patrick Mahomes, Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Donald, and Stephon Gilmore. You can buy Madden 21 coins at the best prices on MUTeamGo to build your ultimate team.
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Deliver higher quality with all-in-one software for event rental

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Managing your event business fast, efficiently, and professionally is vital to deliver quality. Choosing the right software for event rental is going to bring you the tools to increase quality, deliver great experiences to your clients and keep projects coming in.

Rentman, a leading software for event rental, is a solution that provides companies worldwide with a platform to manage the different aspects of their business seamlessly:

No more excel sheets and unreadable calendar management. With Rentman, plan and manage your projects and associated equipment, crew, transport, documents, and files are all in one place.

Plan projects from start to finish

There is a difference between what a client will be charged for (what you will be showing them on paper, the time the event itself really goes on) and the reality of what you need to plan for. You need time to pack, time to drive, time to set up, and ideally a little margin, just in case. Make sure you have the right equipment on the right project and see shortages straight away. Plan exactly what you need on each project, feel free to move them around and get notified when you reached stock limits. Never find out about shortages last minute: plan alternative or subhire the needed equipment ahead of time.

Plan and manage crew and transport

In order to deliver maximum quality on a project, you want the right people (and the right vehicle) on the right job. More often than not, labor scheduling issues ensue and you find yourself in less than ideal last-minute scenarios. With Rentman, plan the functions alongside projects, for the right timeframes, and assign crew members and transport to each function. Request availability from your go-to freelancers ahead of time, know when to count on them, and give them access to all the necessary information within a simple platform.

Communicate efficiently and centrally

Make all information available and up-to-date in one central place. Call sheets, packing slips, addresses and directions, floor plans, you name it. Anything your team might need is accessible within Rentman, stored in the cloud: no loose pieces of paper, no old and outdated info. By making sure communication is as clear and available as can be, you provide clients with well-executed, professional and drama-free events.

Software for event rental for on the go

With the Rentman app, let your team work their magic wherever they are. Scan equipment in and out of the warehouse, and back onto the truck at the end of a project, right from their mobile phone. Keep all files and necessary information at arm’s length by using the app, and communicate any changes or additional details in real-time. On the road, on location, at home; Rentman is the software for event rental that empowers you to deliver quality events day in and day out.
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