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WordPress has to be one of the most succesfful CMSs around. There is a good reason for it, as the system makes basic website management a breeze, even for novice users. WordPress is also flexible enough that advanced and integrated websites can be setup quite well and quickly.


However, with WordPress often comes some hurdles. For a lot of functionalities, people or deveopers add plugins to the websites. These ‘add-on’ features are incredibly useful and flexible, but they often come at a cost. With adding more and more plugins, more and more processing and downloading is often required, which can slow down WordPress quite considerably. Add to this slow hosting that is located half way around the world from your clients, and you may find that your WordPress website grinds to a hault.

This is why it is important to secure fast and local hosting for WordPress websites, to deliver the maximum impact to clients. Our partners have been working towards creating a new standard for general hosting and WordPress hosting in Thailand. If you are serious about your business, check out the Google insights of how many customers you lose (just 2 seconds could cause 10-20% loss of visitors) here:


Then have a look at WordPress hosting on extremely fast and secure servers here:

Website: xxiwebhosting.com


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