Urn Monument: Small memorial of a great loss

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Corten steel memorial

More and more people are choosing to be cremated after their death. Everyone has their own good reasons for this. But unlike in the past, when everyone was still buried, this also means that far fewer tombstones or tombstones are needed. Nevertheless, most surviving relatives still feel the need to commemorate their cremated deceased with a tangible memory. Special urn monuments are available for this purpose. urnenmonumenten 

These are available as standard, but special, personal and custom-made urn monuments are also possible. Some are so special that they can be called works of art. Funeral art is a special form of art that elevates a personal memorial to art. You can go to a grave artist for this. I tell more about it on this page.

Unique monument to a unique person

Everyone is unique in this world. You are unique, I am unique and your loved ones are unique. Everyone has characteristic and special properties that determine the uniqueness. After the death of a unique person, a unique memory is of course certainly in order. Even after a cremation, it is nice to be able to cherish a unique and personal memory in the form of a special urn and an urn monument.
grafkunstenaar Jeroen Stok

Custom urn monument

An urn is usually available through your funeral home. But it can also be made in the most diverse shapes, materials and styles. This personal approach is done by, among others, grave artist Jeroen Stok. Together with you, he designs a personal memorial for you that fits your deceased loved one or loved one. You can place that memorial or work of art on an urn grave or take it home to place in your garden or house. Because a personal urn monument says something about the deceased, your help is needed. This can be in the form of your stories about the loved one.

kunst in opdracht.

This article is brought to you by Memorabel Grafmonumenten en Grafkunst Jeroen Stok grave artist

This blog article is written by grave artist Jeroen Stok. Stok, who trained as a sculptor, mainly works with metal and glass. In addition to the exclusive funerary art, Stok creates “ordinary sculptures” of steel and stainless steel and produces art on commission. The metal sculptures that Stok makes are stylized and look contemporary with a light appearance. Stainless steel combined with glass reinforces the clear and light character of his work. Designing funerary art on behalf of relatives is an artistic activity that differs from the creation of ordinary art images. Stok recognizes the importance of funerary art and is grateful that the unique creations help the bereaved in their grieving process

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