Things To Consider When Planning Your Exhibition Stand – 2020

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The way we plan exhibitions has changed and recent events have affected the event industry quite drastically. Whilst events aren’t going ahead just yet, there’s no harm in provisionally making some plans and thinking about how the day could look. Many things will remain the same in terms of stands and accessories but added extras and more thought could be needed to ensure you stand is safe for you and your visitors.

Your Stand Space

Thinking about the stand size you’ll need and how you’ll use it has always been on the list. But now rather than the print and exhibition stand, it’s more towards capacity.

Naturally, the smaller stand space you have the less amount of people that will be allowed to enter your space at any given time. With that in mind, you’ll need to make the maximum number of visitors clear, along with a queuing system to ensure you’re not within 2 metres of one another.

Exhibiting is about displaying your company in more detail, with the hope of gaining new customers. Accessories and stands will be required, but it’s important to have a good amount of floor space free. By reducing accessories and maximising your exhibition backdrop, the space will be come larger, creating a comfortable space.

Sanitary Exhibitions

Throughout all public places hand sanitisers are readily available to make sure clean hands are entering. The same goes for events, your contact will be limited and won’t be as hands on but providing hand sanitiser stations at the beginning and end of your stand is preferred.

Even having anti-bacterial wipes is another way to wipe surfaces clean after visitors have attended the stand. You’ll then be able to wipe as much clean as possible before the next group take to the stand.

Dividing Areas

Having an open stand is great but if you have open space, they’ll need to be some form of organisation, along with an entry and exit point. Freestanding, easy clean and acrylic screening is the perfect tool to clearly create divided spaces to create a clear and easy to understand system.

You can even incorporate print on to the partitions to bring your overall design together.

There’s more screening options available than ever before due to manufacturers moving with the times and current need. Take advantage of the possibilities and make decisions that will last for years to come and come be implemented in various ways.
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