Logistics and technology: how these two are changing

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Logistics have been around for centuries. Technology is still something that’s seen as new and futuristic. Even though technology has been around for quit some time now. If we look at the way logistics has been changing over the years because of the upcoming technology, there’s a lot we can say. Lets first look a bit at the history of logistics and how it has been evolving with each other. We’re curious to see! 

Human work in logistics 

We can all say that humans and logistics are changing very quickly. If we look at the 70s we can see a big difference to how technology played a roll. Technology has been evolving very quickly and we’re seeing this in all the automation possibilities of logistics. Today, we are able to monitor every step of every machine online. Humans don’t need to drive a machine the way we used to do. 

Automation in machines

Not only have we humans changed because of the involving in this world. The machines have been changing also. Our machines in the logistic world are getting smarter by each day. Look at breakbulk terminals for example. A normal bulk is nothing compared to this bulk. And it benefits us all! We are headed to an even more automatic world. In a few years a computer will be able to drive you from point A to point B or you can receive a package from some flying vehicle. 

Social media and logistics 

Social media is getting more powerful by each day. It can get scary at times but if we all use it for the right goods than nothing scary can happen. If we look at logistics and social media we are seeing some very nice things. Companies are able to communicate very easy and efficient with customers. For some urgent information or news we are able to communicate this within seconds. Also, with our employees it’s becoming easier to communicate. If something goes wrong we can let each other know in seconds. 

Not everybody agrees to a more automated world but we can all agree that it is nice that some machines are working by there selves now. A lot of humans have suffered in the past because of the danger of the machines. Now it is easier for us to focus on other things while the machines are doing their job.


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