How to build a silent PC

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Building a silent, low-noise PC can be a challenging task, but it is well worth the effort if you want a computer that operates quietly and efficiently. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Pick the right case

Choose a case with good airflow and sound insulation. A well-ventilated case with plenty of airflow can help keep your components cool and reduce noise, because the fans inside can run at lower RPMs. Look for cases with sound-dampening materials, such as foam or rubber gaskets, to help reduce the amount of noise that escapes.

Another thing to consider is the location of your PC. Simply putting it under your desk can improve your comfort.

Select low-noise components

When shopping for components, pay attention to the noise ratings. Look for fans, power supplies, and other components that have low decibel ratings (dB), as these will generate less noise. Standard PC fans, for example, will produce around 35 dB of noise under maximum load. But there are silent RGB fans on the market that only produce 21 dB. These are much quieter. The effect will be even more noticable when you have four or five fans running at the same time. 

Use a SSD

Install a solid state drive (SSD) instead of a traditional hard drive. Hard drives have spinning disks that can generate noise, whereas SSDs have no moving parts and are much quieter. Another advantage of SSDs is that they are much faster and will last longer. So at the moment there isn’t really a reason to pick a hard drive for the main storage of your PC.

Install dust filters

Install dust filters to keep your components clean. Dust and debris can build up inside your PC case and block airflow, causing components to run hotter and louder. Make sure to clean your PC regularly to prevent this from happening.

Think of peripherals

When building a quiet PC, you mainly focus on the components that go inside the computer case. But peripherals also play a role. If you’re using a keyboard and mouse with loud clicks and switches, they can add to the overall noise level of your PC. Consider using a silent keyboard and mouse to reduce noise.

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