Efficient and secure communication

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AXIWI offers a team communication solution that allows team members and colleagues to communicate crystal-clear. Instantly solving problems and answering questions prevents risks and improves processes. The system uses efficient, lightweight yet robust wireless headsets and takes team communication to the next level!

In the daily activities, receipt of goods but also in the processing your employees are in direct contact, which makes communication very efficient. In production companies many people are present at the same time. This efficient communication saves you time and can greatly improve the image of your industrial company. Numerous aspects require optimal communication.

Calling up a forklift truck to move a pallet, searching for a load or reporting the arrival of a driver. The machine operators who need to keep their hands free can consult each other. This efficient communication saves you time and can greatly improve the image of your company. Communicating remotely can be easy.

Everyone on location is wirelessly connected via AXIWI communication devices such as plant tour headsets, with coverage in every corner of the workplace. Team members on different floors, in different buildings and even colleagues assisting customers outside the building can communicate as if they were in the same room with AXIWI wireless headsets for good communication. If a supplier is at the back gate, an employee can be called up at the touch of a service button. The staff can then agree among themselves who is going to the service point.

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