Starting an Online Business in Asia?

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The Covid19 situation has caused a lot of issues for businesses around the world, with closures occuring across the board. However, with this fluctuating situation also comes opportunity. They say that every crisses is an opportunity, and so the Covid19 pandemic is also bring opportunities in new technologies and also with the option of starting businesses in areas that are begginging to get back to normal.


Many areas of Asia are starting to look at how to live with Covid19, instead of simply trying to completely control it. This is oppening up opportunities for new online services, online platforms, and all kinds of other businesses. What may have been someones disaster experience could become another persons dream opportunity.


Since businesses have been closed or functions reduces, as the markets reopen, there is a need to fill the void and provide the services and products people want. However, as the world is not yet completely stable, one way to do this is to test the markets with a website, or even to provide online sales and services. It is often cheap to get started and gives you more flexibility to grow and become established.


So, as countries such as Singapore and Thailand look at how to live normally with Covid, why not get online and grab some of the market. There are many resources for setting up hosting and websites, as well as offorable options to get going. The first step is to start looking for opportunities.


Once you have an idea of what you want to do, you will then need some web hosting and ideally that should be in Asia or with a good CDN (Content Display Network) so that your website loads quickly for your target customers. Depending on the project size or your knowledge level, everything from shared hosting to virtual private servers is available at affordable prices. You could even get a dedicated server, but unless your new venture is a large app idea or likely to be huge, that kind of level isn’t normally needed. We’d suggest starting small with your hosting plans, and then upgrading as you notice any issues or need the extra bandwidth etc. After all, it is likely to be a while befor you reach any major levels of fame.
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Ein Containerformat für Bilder und Bildsequenzen ist das High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF). Der Standard unterstützt Multimediadateien mit verschiedenen Medienströmen wie Text, Audio und Video. Dies schließt Medienströme ein. Die hocheffiziente HEIF-Videokodierung HEVC benötigt nur etwa die Hälfte des Speicherplatzes wie das Pendant in JPEG-Qualität. HEIF ermöglicht auch Animationen und ist in der Lage, mehr Informationen in kleinerer Größe zu speichern als ein animiertes GIF oder APNG.

Das ISO Base Media File Format), das erstmals 2001 als gemeinsamer Teil von MP4 und JPEG 2000 spezifiziert wurde, ist eine besondere Instanz für HEIF-Dateien. Es wurde 2015 eingeführt und als Teil 12 der MPEG-H-Mediensuite (ISO/IEC 23008-12) von der Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) erstellt.

Im Jahr 2013 wurden HEIFs als Voraussetzung und Hauptverwendungszweck festgelegt. Die Ausarbeitung der Spezifikation dauerte rund eineinhalb Jahre und wurde Mitte 2015 abgeschlossen. Mit der Einführung von iOS 11, das HEIC verwendet, war Apple 2017 der erste Großabnehmer. Einige Systeme konvertieren im HEIC-Format gespeicherte Fotos automatisch in das ältere JPEG-Format, wenn sie außerhalb des Systems übertragen werden.


Die folgenden Arten von Daten können mit HEIF-Dateien gespeichert werden:


Speichern von Bildern, Bildattributen und Miniaturansichten für einzelne Bilder.

Abgeleitetes Bild:

Abgeleitete Bilder ermöglichen die nicht-destruktive Änderung von Bildern, die das Rendering-Programm mit Hilfe der in der HEIF-Datei enthaltenen Bearbeitungsanweisungen selbstständig erstellt. Diese Anweisungen und Bilder werden individuell gespeichert (rechteckige Bombierung, Drehung mit einer Drehung, Drehung mit zwei oder drei Drehungen, zeitgesteuerte grafische Überlagerungen usw.) und sind in den Eingangsfotos in einer HEIF-Datei beschrieben. Der Speicheraufwand für die gewonnenen Bilder ist minimal.

Bilddaten als Hilfsmittel:

Hier werden Bilddaten wie eine Alphaebene oder eine Kartentiefe gespeichert, die ein anderes Bildelement ergänzen. Diese Daten werden nicht als solche angezeigt, sondern als Ergänzung zu einem anderen Bildelement auf verschiedene Weise verwendet. EXIF-, XMP- und ähnliche Metadaten-Bilder, die in der HEIF-Datei enthalten sind, begleiten die Metadaten-Fotos.

Sequenzen von Bildern:

Es werden mehrere zeitlich aufeinanderfolgende Bilder (z. B. eine Burst-Fotoaufnahme oder eine Filmanimation) gespeichert und die Eigenschaften und Miniaturen der Bilder.

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What is an IP and how to hide it using a VPN

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IPv4 and IPv6, what is the difference? 

When talking about IP addresses, usually it refers to IPv4 addresses. In addition, there are IPv6 addresses, simply because the IPv4 addresses are running out, due to the increasing number of internet connections. The difference between the two lies in the number of bits and the associated combinations that are possible. An IPv4 has 32 bits and 4.3 million possible combinations. An IPv6 has 128 bits and 4.3 but with 38 cero possible combinations. As an internet user, you will not notice any differences between IPv4 and IPv6.



 What is my IP used for?

 I.P addresses make it clear between which two devices or servers’ information is exchanged. You can see it as an order that you place at a web shop: when sending the order, you must enter your own address, so that the shop knows where the package must be delivered. When you use the internet, this is exactly it goes: you visit a website for information, the website gets your I.P address and the information is then delivered to this IP address. I.P addresses are also used to determine your location. Because an IP address is linked to an internet provider, it is also linked to a global location. In legal cases, an internet provider is sometimes asked who owns a specific IP address and the internet provider can easily check this in his customer database. An I.P can be linked to an internet connection, but if several people use that connection, it does not refer to a specific user.


I.P should be changed or hidden? 

The amount of information that you share about yourself by being almost continuously connected to the internet is enormous. Through your I.P, your online behavior and the data collected thereby are easily linked to your device and often even to you as a person. It can be comforting to think that not everything you look up online, even if it is not illegal, is easily traced back to you. If you do not want everyone to be able to see which sites you have visited, you can change or hide your I.P


Hide my IP with a VPN 

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and ensures that all your online communication is encrypted, so that it cannot be intercepted, and that your data traffic is routed securely via an external server. Your real I.P remains hidden and you automatically use the IP address of the external server, which allows you to use the internet more safely and anonymously. Also, if for some reason there are online blocks at your location, you can access a freer internet via a VPN service. For example, when you use a VPN server in America instead of the Netherlands, you may gain access to sites, which was not the case before. You can also bypass censorship in certain countries. That’s because you can mask your location with VPN.

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