The benefits of video coaching and business coaching in Dubai

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Would you like to learn more about video coaching and the benefits it offers? Or are you curious about the cost of a video module for business coaching in Dubai? In this article, we delve deeper into these topics and give you all the information you need. Read on quickly!

What are the benefits of video coaching? 

Video coaching has several advantages for business coaching in Dubai. First, it allows for remote coaching, which provides flexibility and convenience. This means you don’t have to be physically present with the coach, which can be convenient if you live far away or have a busy schedule. In addition, video coaching can also be cost-effective, as there are no travel costs and sessions can often be shorter than with face-to-face coaching. Moreover, video coaching offers the possibility of recording the sessions so you can watch them back later and repeat the information.

Learn from Marc what to consider when starting a business

Marc Geraeds, business coach at WBsupport, has a lot of experience in starting up a business and can therefore teach us a lot. For the right business support Dubai, Marc is the right person. When starting a business, there are several things to consider. First, it is important to have a clear vision and mission for the business. This helps us set a direction and goals. In addition, we need to properly research the market and competition to understand where our opportunities lie. It is also important to prepare a good business plan, in which we set our goals, strategies and financial projections. Furthermore, we should not forget to invest in marketing and promotion to increase our brand awareness. Finally, it is essential to gather a good team around us and work together for the success of the business. With these tips from Marc, we can lay a solid foundation for starting our own business.
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The Indispensable Role of Flanges in Industrial Applications

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In the vast landscape of industrial design and operation, flanges are the unseen champions. Providing critical connection points for intricate piping systems and heavy-duty equipment, flanges form the backbone of numerous industrial applications. These integral components, which include long welding neck flanges and swivel flanges, guarantee the essential leak-tightness and pressure resistance necessary for safe and efficient operations. Ensuring the seamless integration and adaptability of industrial systems, flanges foster simplicity in complexity, making the unattainable achievable.

Distinguishing Between Long Welding Neck Flanges and Swivel Flanges: A Comparison

Choosing the right flange for a given situation requires a keen understanding of the key differences between various types. Long welding neck flanges, identifiable by their extended, protruding neck, offer robust and enduring connections, particularly in high pressure and temperature environments. These flanges serve as the go-to solution for demanding applications where reliability and durability are paramount. On the other side of the spectrum, swivel flanges afford a significant degree of flexibility and easy alignment upon installation. These flanges are a boon in scenarios where pipes need to be joined at awkward angles, or where frequent maintenance and inspection activities are required. Thanks to their rotatable outer ring, swivel flanges offer versatility and convenience, simplifying even the most complex installations.

Pick the ideal fit for your business

In the dynamic realm of industry, the choice of the correct flange can indeed become a deciding factor for operational success. Gaining an understanding of the differences and unique functions of long welding neck flanges and swivel flanges can guide professionals in making the optimal choice for their specific application. Navigating this decision doesn’t have to be daunting. is your reliable partner for all your flange requirements, delivering a wealth of experience and expertise. Are you ready to make your next big stride in industrial efficiency? Don’t hesitate to reach out to them and discuss your unique requirements.

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The Significance of Lead Shielding in Nuclear Safety

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In the realm of nuclear technology, ensuring the safety of both workers and the environment is of paramount importance. One vital aspect of this safety protocol is lead shielding. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of lead shielding and its crucial role in safeguarding against radiation exposure. Additionally, we will explore the innovative solutions offered by in providing effective lead shielding for various applications.

I. Understanding Lead Shielding
Lead shielding refers to the use of lead or lead-based materials to prevent the harmful effects of radiation. This practice is based on the principle of attenuation, where the lead absorbs and reduces the intensity of radiation, protecting individuals and sensitive equipment from its detrimental effects.

II. The Importance of Lead Shielding in Nuclear Facilities
1. Protecting Workers:
Nuclear power plants and research facilities house numerous radioactive materials and processes. Lead shielding plays a vital role in protecting workers from exposure to ionizing radiation, which can cause severe health issues, including cancer and genetic mutations. By utilizing lead shielding in critical areas, such as control rooms and laboratories, the risk of radiation-related health complications can be significantly minimized.

2. Safeguarding the Environment:
In addition to protecting workers, lead shielding also helps prevent radioactive contamination of the surrounding environment. Lead acts as a barrier, preventing radiation from escaping into the atmosphere or seeping into the soil and water sources. This shielding ensures that the impact of nuclear activities remains contained within the designated facility, reducing the potential risks for both flora and fauna.

III. Applications of Lead Shielding
1. Medical Industry:
The medical field heavily relies on radiation-based diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Lead shielding is essential in medical imaging facilities, such as X-ray rooms and radiology departments, where patients and healthcare professionals are exposed to radiation. offers a range of lead shielding solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of medical facilities, ensuring the safety of patients and medical personnel.

2. Industrial Applications:
Various industries, such as oil and gas, mining, and aerospace, utilize radioactive materials and equipment for specific purposes. Lead shielding is crucial in these industries to protect workers and minimize the risks associated with radiation exposure. provides customizable lead shielding solutions that can be integrated into industrial processes, ensuring the safety of workers and preventing potential environmental contamination.

IV. The Innovative Solutions of is a leading provider of high-quality lead shielding products and services. Their expertise lies in designing and manufacturing custom lead shielding solutions, tailored to meet the unique requirements of different industries. With a commitment to safety and innovation, offers a comprehensive range of lead shielding products, including lead bricks, sheets, curtains, and doors.

V. Conclusion
Lead shielding plays a critical role in maintaining the safety of individuals working in nuclear facilities and protecting the environment from radiation hazards. With the expertise and innovative solutions offered by, industries and medical facilities can confidently implement effective lead shielding measures. By prioritizing safety through lead shielding, we can ensure a secure and sustainable future for nuclear technology. 

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Green Energy Goes Blue: How Algae Bioreactors are Changing the Game

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The world is facing a critical challenge in combating climate change and reducing carbon emissions. In order to tackle this problem, innovative solutions are needed to revolutionize the way we produce energy. Algae bioreactors are emerging as a promising technology that can transform the way we create sustainable fuel. These bioreactors harness the power of photosynthesis to produce biofuels from algae, a highly efficient and renewable source of energy. Not only are algae bioreactors environmentally friendly, but they are also cost-effective and scalable, making them a viable solution for large-scale fuel production. In this article, we will explore the many benefits of algae bioreactors and how they are revolutionizing the way we produce sustainable fuel. Read on to learn more about this exciting technology and how it could help us create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Algae Bioreactors vs. Traditional Fuel Production

One of the key differences between algae bioreactors and traditional fuel production methods is the source of the raw materials. Traditional fossil fuels are derived from non-renewable sources such as oil, coal, and natural gas, which are finite and have a significant environmental impact.

In contrast, algae bioreactors produce biofuels from renewable sources such as sunlight and carbon dioxide, which are abundant and have a much smaller environmental footprint.

Another difference is the scale of production. Traditional fuel production methods are typically large-scale operations that require significant infrastructure and resources. In contrast, algae bioreactors can be grown in a variety of environments and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and demands of different industries and applications.

Finally, there is the carbon footprint of the production process. Traditional fuel production methods often involve significant greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change. In contrast, algae bioreactors absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow, effectively acting as a carbon sink.

Despite these differences, there are still several challenges associated with algae bioreactor technology. In the next section, we’ll explore some of the ways that algae bioreactors can help to address these challenges.


Algae bioreactors offer an exciting and promising solution to the challenges of traditional fuel production methods. By harnessing the power of these tiny photosynthetic cells, researchers are creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Despite the challenges associated with algae bioreactor technology, researchers are continually working to improve the efficiency and sustainability of these systems. With continued research and development, algae bioreactors could play a critical role in revolutionizing sustainable fuel production and creating a cleaner and more sustainable future. Read more about algae bioreactors and about Lgem on the website.
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Hygienic and professional tattoo shop Dubai with experienced tattoo artist

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A tattoo is a personal form of body decoration that stays on your body forever. Therefore, it is important that tattooing is done in a hygienic and professional manner. A tattoo shop known for its high level of hygiene and neat work is essential. In this text we will discuss the tattoo shop Dubai where hygiene and neat work are highly valued, and where an experienced tattoo artist is at work.

Hygiene in the shop

The tattoo shop we are talking about has earned a reputation for hygiene and neat work. The shop has a sleek and neat appearance, and a clean and organized environment is constantly maintained. This is of great importance because preventing infections and minimizing the risk of spreading disease is essential when getting a tattoo. Therefore, extreme care is taken in this tattoo shop to clean the area and the materials used.

Experience of the tattoo artist

An important factor in choosing a tattoo shop is the experience of the tattoo artist. The tattoo artist Dubai working at tattoo shop Dubai has mastered the art of tattooing to perfection. This artist has many years of experience in tattooing, and has developed his own style. Therefore, it is possible to have a custom-made tattoo that fully meets the wishes of the customer.

Personal attention and advice

When getting a tattoo, it is important that the customer feels at ease. The tattoo artist in this shop therefore takes the time to get to know the customer, and to find out what the wishes are. In addition, personal advice is given on the design, size and location of the tattoo. The wishes and personal style of the customer are always taken into account.
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Need some more warehouse space? Read this

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Unfortunately, sometimes warehouses lack enough space for certain things. This can be really disappointing because it is not much you can do about the lack of space. Or is there? Well, you are in the right place because, in this blog post, we will show you a few tips that you can try to optimize your space out of nothing. If you are experiencing this issue and your immediate thought was that you need to start planning to relocate to a bigger warehouse, you need to sit down and take a deep breath. Moving to a larger warehouse won’t be as easy as you might think.

Keep reading to figure out if you want to learn more about what you should try instead.

Get a mezzanine floor

A simple but slightly expensive solution to this problem is to get a mezzanine floor. Yes, it is quite the investment, however, it would be a lot more trouble and way more expensive if you decide to relocate to a new warehouse. Check out Nolte Mezzanine to check out the mezzanine floors they have. It basically is an extra floor you can install in a warehouse to get extra space. The best part is that if you decide you no longer need the extra space in your warehouse, you can just take the mezzanine floor down and put it away for the next time you need extra space. How cool!

Rearrange the stock

If you think of the classic game Tetris you might understand a bit more clearly what is meant here. Making sure every product in the warehouse is placed in its perfect place will maximize the space in your warehouse a lot more than if you just randomly put items wherever. If the things being stored have a fitting organization to them, you won’t believe how efficiently things around the warehouse will go, as well as the space you’ll save.

Clear up what isn’t needed

If there are products or items stored in the warehouse even though they are not needed or necessary, then you need to clear that up right away. That will just take up valuable space for things you actually should be storing.
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To use or not to use sedative goods?

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In order to know whether or not you would like to use sedative goods, it is first important to know what actually falls under sedative goods. Alcohol, tobacco and coffee, for example, are not listed in the Opium Act. For the law, these products are therefore not sedative goods. But according to the naming they actually fall under sedative goods. Sedative goods is a collective name for medicines or stimulants with a so-called drug effect. These products can therefore lead to an addiction.

Sedative substances are addictive substances and yes actually smoking a cigarette also falls under drug use. Almost everyone has smoked a cigarette at some point. The first cigarette was often not the tastiest cigarette.

Get experience with the XMAX Starry

It is very common that you want to gain experiences, especially during puberty. In addition, the use of certain sedative goods is very tempting for some people. It is not without reason that people start smoking at that time. Vaping with an XMAX Starry can seem very appealing. It’s just a shame that your search for experiences leads to a nasty addiction. You can solve this by not using that XMAX Starry 3.0 with addictive substances. By vaping with the XMAX Starry 3.0 without those addictive substances you have an experience without the addiction.

Other options

The bad thing about sedative goods is that it can seriously affect your life and you can no longer control it yourself. The biggest pitfall is: ‘yes, but I can do that’. This is what people say who themselves do not realize that they are addicted or people who have never been addicted. It is not easy to stop an addiction. What can you do? Opting for ‘healthy addictions’. Consider, for example, the addiction that runners can experience if they run regularly. The body then just wants to walk again. You can also opt for safer addictions. Compared to, for example, cocaine, coffee is a lot more harmless.

In conclusion? Choose the least harmful version for better experiences. Tip? Running is also good for your fitness.
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3 ways to make your test data GDPR compliant

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By now we all know that you can’t use production data (or a copy of it) for testing purposes. The GDPR states that personally identifiable information may not be used for secondary purposes such as marketing, training and testing. There is a chance that personal data will end up in the wrong hands or leaked out. But when you’re a software tester or quality engineer, you need (production-like) data for your tests, right? Because how else can you test your applications and make sure they will work properly in production? Fortunately there are three (easy) ways to make your test data GDPR compliant, so you can keep testing with high-quality data:

  1. Data masking
  2. Synthetic data generation
  3. Combination of techniques

Data masking

Data masking is the process of hiding privacy sensitive data that is stored in your database. The main goal is that personal information like names, addresses, IBAN, Social Security numbers, salaries et cetera is not traceable to a natural person anymore. But what makes information personal or privacy sensitive? A name in itself is not privacy sensitive, but the fact that the person with this name has a giant debt does. With the help of data masking tools you make sure that different pieces of personal information are not linked anymore. You can shuffle names, scramble text or numbers, set birthdays to the first day in the same month or year (so the birth year remains functional), use custom expressions, blank fields you don’t need for you tests and more. All these masking rules (which are combined in a masking template) help you make sure that your personal data is not privacy sensitive anymore.

Synthetic data generation

As an alternative to data masking you can choose to synthetically generate data for your test database. Synthetic data can be used as a masking technique or you can generate data from scratch if you don’t have any data in production yet (when you’re testing a brand new application for instance). Synthetically generated data is also helpful when you have outliers or specific cases in your dataset. The highest salary, for example, can be easily assigned to a particular person (you probably have an idea which employee of your organization earns the most). By using synthetic data for these fields, you can rule out these cases of accidental recognition.

Combination of techniques

We probably don’t need to explain why using a combination of data masking and synthetic data generation is the best method. You get the best of both worlds. On the one hand your data (and the data structure) remains intact as much as possible, so that it remains close to production. On the other hand, you use all the advantages that synthetic data brings. 


Both data masking tools and synthetic data generation will help you with getting your test data GDPR compliant. The best way is using a combination of techniques to get both a compliant and a functional (high quality) test data set. With a good data masking tool you not only mask (or generate) your data, but you also generate an audit report with which you can demonstrate your masking efforts. A great document to hand over to the privacy authorities if they come check.

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Is it the end or the future for multi-touch attribution?

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Using customer journey mapping, you can clearly visualize your customers’ interactions with your brand. From this exercise, you’ll gain a better understanding of the activities your customers want to complete, ways to measure those activities, and what technology is needed to facilitate those activities. 

Incrementality is a percent you can find added to other marketing and advertising metrics. It’s a performance indicator that shows increased Return on Investment (ROI) from campaigns and traffic sources that was not achieved from the previous period. It’s used to measure the additional value of each marketing investment and displayed as a percentage.

These days, digital touchpoints are just as important as the physical ones. From your brand online to search engine results and more, come explore all the options you have to connect with customers wherever they are.

In order to accurately measure the ROI of your marketing, you need a marketer attribution system, which is a set of rules that determines the revenue from new customers to be attributed to each touchpoint of their customer journey.

Multi-touch attribution analysis is the process of reviewing and recording multi-touch marketing touchpoints and matching them to conversions. This provides a complete picture of how each touchpoint contributes to your bottom line. For example, you can see how many visitors from Facebook converted into customers, and then further determine the value of the ad spend you made on Facebook by examining their ROI. The net benefit of multi-touch attribution is that you get a better understanding of which channels and campaigns contribute to your bottom line. When you consider future marketing investments, you can allocate the budget more accurately to generate the most effective ROI and revenue lift. Predictable Revenue is an early leader in the multi-touch attribution space – specifically in Deep Link attribution, Deep Linking is using technology to follow each customer’s clickstream on the Internet and attribute sales to highly targeted ads or landing pages.
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You can improve your procurement process with these steps!

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The procurement process is extremely important for companies that have to purchase products or services. The better this process is set up, the better the whole of business processes can function. If there is a delay in the procurement process, you will notice this in the entire supply chain. When a product is not available in the purchasing process, dozens of end customers will notice this. If something goes wrong during the shipment or the settlement of the product, only one end customer will notice. As you can see, the purchasing process is one that has to be put together well. In this blog we will therefore tell you more about the possible improvements to the procurement process.

Procure to pay systems

With procure to pay systems, the entire procurement process can be mapped from a to b. This way you will quickly encounter any errors and bottlenecks in the organization. It is therefore advisable to use this system carefully. The better you implement this, the better the entire procure to pay process will run. For example, these systems can automatically order products when the stock approaches a certain level. In addition, the system is able to automatically purchase the products from the party that currently offers them the cheapest. This way you never pay too much for your stock and you also always have it at home on time.

Indirect procurement

Indirect procurement is a method of purchasing that has been gaining popularity rapidly in recent years. This is mainly due to the favorable cost structure of indirect procurement. In principle, the procurement process is outsourced to another party. Because they take the purchasing process off the hands of many parties, they can realize larger volume discounts at the supplier. Because the indirect procurement party realizes a volume discount, everyone at the bottom pays less. It may sound very unrealistic, but this way you can save money by adding an extra batch to the delivery process. It is important to outsource this to a party that is several times larger than yourself. Only these huge parties can achieve such a volume discount that it is interesting for everyone to participate.


November 29, 2021 |

Logistics and technology: how these two are changing

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Logistics have been around for centuries. Technology is still something that’s seen as new and futuristic. Even though technology has been around for quit some time now. If we look at the way logistics has been changing over the years because of the upcoming technology, there’s a lot we can say. Lets first look a bit at the history of logistics and how it has been evolving with each other. We’re curious to see! 

Human work in logistics 

We can all say that humans and logistics are changing very quickly. If we look at the 70s we can see a big difference to how technology played a roll. Technology has been evolving very quickly and we’re seeing this in all the automation possibilities of logistics. Today, we are able to monitor every step of every machine online. Humans don’t need to drive a machine the way we used to do. 

Automation in machines

Not only have we humans changed because of the involving in this world. The machines have been changing also. Our machines in the logistic world are getting smarter by each day. Look at breakbulk terminals for example. A normal bulk is nothing compared to this bulk. And it benefits us all! We are headed to an even more automatic world. In a few years a computer will be able to drive you from point A to point B or you can receive a package from some flying vehicle. 

Social media and logistics 

Social media is getting more powerful by each day. It can get scary at times but if we all use it for the right goods than nothing scary can happen. If we look at logistics and social media we are seeing some very nice things. Companies are able to communicate very easy and efficient with customers. For some urgent information or news we are able to communicate this within seconds. Also, with our employees it’s becoming easier to communicate. If something goes wrong we can let each other know in seconds. 

Not everybody agrees to a more automated world but we can all agree that it is nice that some machines are working by there selves now. A lot of humans have suffered in the past because of the danger of the machines. Now it is easier for us to focus on other things while the machines are doing their job.
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Wat heb ik nodig om een website te bouwen? Domeinnaam of webhosting?

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Om een ​​website te bouwen heeft u zowel een domeinnaam als een webhostingaccount nodig.

Het kopen van een domeinnaam alleen geeft je alleen het recht om die bepaalde domeinnaam te gebruiken voor een bepaalde periode (meestal 1 jaar).

U heeft webhosting nodig om de bestanden van uw website op te slaan. Nadat u hosting heeft gekregen, moet u uw domeinnaaminstellingen bijwerken en verwijzen naar uw webhostingserviceprovider.

U kunt ook zowel het domein als de hosting bij hetzelfde bedrijf kopen. Cloud86 biedt verschillende soorten pakketten aan die passen bij het soort website dat jij graag wilt. Daarnaast bieden zij ook goede webhosting pakketten aan vanaf 1,95 euro.

Voordelen van Cloud86:

–        Meerdere websites per pakket. Je kan erg veel kosten besparen door meerdere websites onder 1 pakket te plaatsen. Je kunt een onbeperkt aantal domeinen toevoegen vanaf het “Webhosting Medium pakket”. Dit is erg voordelig

–        Elk moment opzegbaar. Bij Cloud86 heb je ook de mogelijkheid om te kiezen voor een maandcontract. Hierdoor zit je niet aan het contract vast.  Opzegtermijnen zijn namelijk niet meer van deze tijd. Dus bij Cloud86 kun je dit elk moment annuleren

–        Geautomatiseerde backups. Een andere mooie functie van Cloud86 is dat zij elke nacht een backup maken van je websites, databases en e-mails. Deze backups kun je 24/7 terugzetten via het “Plesk control panel”. Door deze functie hoef je nooit in paniek te raken als er wat gebeurt.

Zodra je hosting hebt gekocht en je domeinnaam hebt geregistreerd, kun je beginnen met het bouwen van je website. Raadpleeg handleidingen voor het maken van een website voor volledige stapsgewijze instructies.

Moet ik ze samen kopen? Of kan ik ze apart kopen?

U kunt bij twee verschillende bedrijven een domeinnaam en webhosting kopen. In dat geval moet u uw domeinnaam echter naar uw webhostingbedrijf verwijzen door de DNS-instellingen te wijzigen.

Aan de andere kant, als u uw domeinnaam en webhosting bij hetzelfde bedrijf koopt, hoeft u de domeinnaaminstellingen niet te wijzigen.

Het is ook veel gemakkelijker om beide services onder hetzelfde dashboard te beheren en te vernieuwen.

June 18, 2021 |

Digital storytelling for businesses

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What is storytelling?

As human beings, we’re hardwired to love a good story. It’s been this way since the beginning of time. We use stories to make sense of the world around us and to connect with the people we share it with. Good stories grab our attention, foster understanding, and build an emotional connection.  

Stories are at the heart of how we communicate. They enable people to transfer knowledge and understand complex information. On top of that, stories make it easier for people to remember things. 

Try to recall what was in that status report 3 weeks ago and you’ll most likely draw a blank. Try to remember what the hotel room looked like during that legendary weekend getaway with friends and you’ll remember every detail – from the floral printed throw pillow to the suspicious stain on the carpet. Through the power of storytelling, you can turn all sorts of information into compelling and memorable stories. 

The Center for Neuroeconomics Studies has done interesting research that shows how stories affect people differently than formal presentations—concluding that storytelling has a much higher impact on the audience than presenting mere facts and figures. This makes it a powerful content marketing tool that can maximize a business’ profit, visibility, and impact. 


How to use storytelling for your business

There are many ways to integrate storytelling as part of your brand and business communication. Nowadays, digital storytelling is probably the most logical way to go – as so much of our communication and life has moved to the online space. Companies such as Hyro, offer storytelling software that makes it simple and accessible for companies to create impactful digital stories that are worth sharing.

When wrapping corporate facts and figures in a story, it’s essential to understand the structure of good stories. There’s no real difference between a best-seller, Hollywood Blockbuster, Pulitzer prize winning type of story and a corporate story. Every good story follows a similar story structure that consists of 7 elements: 

There’s a good reason why most people remember dialogues and scenes from their favorite movies – even years later. A good story provides the structure we need to remember things. It’s how our brains make sense of the world. Whether it’s a famous fairy tale such as Snowwhite or a compelling corporate story, every captivating story has the same structure. 

There’s always a hero who faces a problem. He then meets a guide, who provides the hero with a plan to solve the problem. This is when the stakes become clear, which moves the hero to action. By doing this, the hero of the story avoids failure, and eventually delivers success. 

In most “normal” stories the audience identifies with the hero and his/her challenges. As a corporate storyteller, your customer IS the hero of the story. And you’re the guide that offers a solution that allows the hero to overcome his/her challenges.


The use of visuals in corporate storytelling

Building a good story is the first part of storytelling. Presentation and deliverance is the second and equally important part. You need to use visuals to communicate your story effectively. Visualizing your corporate story helps you grab your audience attention.

People respond to what they see more than anything else. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than written text, which is why visual stories are so impactful. 

There are many options to create visually stunning and engaging stories, for example, by using photos, videos, animations, and even virtual or augmented reality. Regardless of the chosen option – a storyteller needs to help the audience see things clearly. This counts as much as what’s being said. 


How does storytelling benefit your company? 

There are many ways storytelling is used to grow businesses. Telling corporate stories in a captivating way will add more value to any customer experience, and it will take experience marketing to a higher level. 

Storytelling can also be used for internal purposes. For instance, a company’s internal marketing and employee communication. It’s an effective way to create a sense of community among employees while growing a strong company culture. 

In short, storytelling can unlock a whole new world of business opportunity and profit.



Advertentie: Adbull B.V. – SEO prijzen.

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How ships sail across the world safely

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As you might know, the oceans can be pretty inhospitable places. For hundreds of years, people have tried sailing them and many of them failed. Although, of course, many also succeeded, they can still be very dangerous places. Despite that fact, a lot of transport happens by sea. How do we do this safely in this day and age? That is something we will dive into during this blog, so be sure to read on!

Monitoring tools

Ship performance monitoring is extremely important to ensure that the ship can be provided with all of the benefits that the fleet manager on shore has. Elaborate data analysis and advice is much easier to create on shore than on the ship, but it requires insight in all of the real-time data about the ship. This is done through ship performance monitoring.


Modern technology

There are many different kinds of technology which are employed in order to try and make the sailing of ships across oceans as safe as possible. Back in the day, ships were made of timber and would be propelled by sails and thus the wind. Now there are effective diesel engines, strong metals for the ships hull and lots of systems that help stabilize the ship, in addition to many more useful types of technology.


Another factor that contributes to the safety of seafaring ships is the fact that they are, currently, rather large. Some of them are viewed more as floating cities than as ships, and this is no exaggeration. Because of this enormous size, the waves they face become slightly less of a challenge and thus the journey becomes a little bit safer as well. 


There is also the fact that by now, we have a lot of experience on the ocean. This experience is shared world wide and used to increase efficiency, reduce cost and of course make the journeys more safe. This is beneficial to all those who travel by ship, transport goods across the ocean of work in off-shore industries.

Weather forecasts

Lastly, the weather forecasts have become much more useful in the last few decades. This makes it easier for ships to avoid bad weather and therefore encounter far fewer dangerous situations. Ships can count on real-time weather reports and advice both from systems on their ship as well as their support systems on shore to make it safely to their destination!

November 24, 2020 |

FIFA 21: Introduction To Groundbreakers And Icons

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There are a few days remaining before the official release of FIFA 21. Last week was rich in announcements from EA and some of them concerned new additions to Volta Football as well as more information about the icons. Without further ado, let us dive into today’s article.

Last week, EA has announced the arrival of the Groundbreakers in Volta Football. Those super players will be great additions to your teams with their incredible skills. In order to recruit them you will have to beat them in Volta Featured Battles. You will have to visit almost all the new arenas in Volta to unlock these amazing players but it is worth it. EA has revealed the names of those players and some of them are surprising.

KylianMbappé is the first groundbreaker of the list. That is not surprising when we know that the Paris-Saint-Germain’s striker is the face of the game. Besides him, we find football legends like Kaka, Thierry Henry and the iconic Eric Cantona. Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold and Atletico Madrid’s Joao Felix will join Mbappé as part of the young players who will dominate the next football era.

The two last names in the Groundbreakers list are not football players. We have Anthony Joshua and Diplo. The first is a boxer from United Kingdom with an impressive record. He won a gold medal during the Olympics and a two-time unified heavyweight world champion. Diplo on the other side is not known for his physical prowess. This DJ, and award-winning artist and producer will display his football skill in the game.

Concerning the icons, EA has considered the players feedback in order to improve their gaming experience. The result are a series of changes, there will for example be four versions of each icon in the game. The base, mid, prime and moment version of the icon will all highlight a specific era in the player career, from his debut to the period when he reached his top potential and the biggest moments in his career.

Lastly, the squad building challenges will make a comeback and completing them will allow you to unlock certain icons. EA will launch the Icon SBCs on November. These SBCs will not be permanent so it will be better to complete them as soon as possible. The news around FIFA 21 are increasingly exciting the next days will be very interesting. U7buy offers you FIFA 21 coins at the best prices to help you build the ultimate team.
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WoW: Classic or Shadowlands

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The last quarter of 2020 will be an interesting time for World of Warcraft fans because Blizzard keeps making endgame content for WoW Classic and will be releasing the highly-anticipated Shadowlands expansion. So players who are thinking of getting back into World of Warcraft have a big decision to make. Here are some points that could help players make a decision.

First, we want to make clear that the two games offer two very different experiences, but choosing one or the other is a decision that will rest solely with you. You are the only one that can decide which gets your time because the two of them can be a time-consuming game. So we recommended choosing one version, although you can choose both if you have a lot of time to play.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the newest addition to the game. There already exist numerous challenges to take on in WoW and the Shadowlands expansion will add even more.

Shadowlands will offer the opportunity to explore a brand new set of zones and line up with a covenant that will help players unlock unique class abilities based on their decision. It will also bring a series of new dungeons, Mythic challenges, Raids, PvP, transmogs to unlock, and mounts to collect. So if you want to look to the future, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is your right choice.

World of Warcraft Classic takes you back to the experience of 2005-2006. World of Warcraft Classic is not exactly an older version of the game; instead it is a faithful recreation of WoW’s past that many veterans actually begged for.

The Classic experience continues to deliver an optimized version of the original World of Warcraft content. The servers of the Classic remove the need for private servers not officially supported by Blizzard, so servers run smoothly thanks to Blizzard’s support and patches. The Classic experience is definitely not for everyone, but if you want to look to the past and feel a strong dose of nostalgia, World of Warcraft Classic is your right choice.

Which one would you like to choose? Shadowsland, or Classic? If you are enjoying World of Warcraft Classic more, remember you can visit GoldPiles and buy WoW Classic gold at a cheap price.
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